The all-new Ather 450 Apex!

Hey folks!

The all-new Ather 450 Apex is launching next month!

We’re bringing you a scooter even more powerful than what you’ve known. We built the Ather 450 Apex as an expression of the 450 series, to celebrate 10 years of Ather’s engineering and design.

A powerhouse of features & exclusive benefits:

:zap: A breakthrough in the way you ride

:zap: The world’s first 2-wheeler design that’s got nothing to hide

:zap: Taking Warp mode to the next level - Warp+ [Unlocked]

:zap:Apex Collectibles: A collection of our secret stash accessories & goodies, only for you!

:zap: Early Bird Fliers: The first fifty owners get a chance to land at the Ather community day (all expenses paid). T&C apply

Book your Ather 450 Apex now! Ather 450 Apex New Electric Scooter | Price, Specification & Mileage

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Link seems to be dead

Bring the better regen to older models! I have had near misses trying to use the weak regen in our stop-go traffic, which is inconsistent at best. What’s the point of promising Advanced Regen features to Gen3 owners with a new BMS, when it can’t be utilised? Does it mean even Gen4 owners who got a more powerful regen, have it limited and out-of-date too?

Even a Performance Upgrade like Tesla does to get better Warp and ride experience is fine, keeps planned obsolescence at bay while offering options to dedicated buyers. I love Ather, but hate how they bring new models 3 months after the old one.

If they can’t figure out how to make profits from hardware, at least try and make it happen through software. Iterate the software, not the hardware!

Finally, speaking about Community Day for first 50 owners, does that mean community day will be after deliveries ie March? It was in January this year. That’ll be an long eagerly wait :stuck_out_tongue: can’t wait to see what’s to offer, maybe Gen6? Lol


Wait where is the specifications and prices? All I can see is pre-book and some teasers.


scooter launches next month but delivers 2 months later just like Gen 4 3.7kw

Would this mean, others, unlike last year would have to spend their own money?

Just like when the 450X pre bookings opened.

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The website is very cool 10/10


Yet again the same design just with different panels and stickers :rofl:

EDIT: the seat also looks waaay different. Interesting. The visor in front also seems transparent?


Before anyone flags this, try being a mature person

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Great find! I was looking to get my seat modified. This seat looks way better for my usage (mostly single seat with laptop backpack resting on the back seat) and seems to be better for back aches too. Hope they at least keep that backwards compatible ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

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How to post the images in the forum?

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Looks like Advanced Regen is coming with one extra mode warp+ , Hope they increase battery capacity too and backport this advanced regen to gen 3 and 4 atleast


advanced regen/coasting regen already exists on gen 3.1 sold after anouncement of gen 4 and gen 4 but Ather has denied backporting it to gen 3 as regen values cant be changed after vehicle registration

this new regen/braking seems exclusive to new more powerful motor and down think it will be coming even to gen 4


It won’t come to us. Dont be hopeful. In Ather’s world the word backward compatible doesn’t exist.


For sure it won’t be backwards compatible, let us hope we get atleast something at the community day

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Looks slick. Let’s see how are the specs.


AFAIK the family scooter is on the way. I will not be surprised if they surprise launch it during Community Day’24