Testing on Inclines

I’m from Laggere (near nagarbhavi) and there is this freakishly steep road which is the only way to get to my home. Sometimes i wonder if this bike even pulls with a pillion there.


Share coordinates? Will check it out.



Appreciate it. Would love to hear back on this.

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There are steeper roads in Nagarabhavi and even some parts of Raja RajeshwariNagar. I had no issues with 2 people (total 160kgs) on the scooter. In fact it zooms past most petrol scooters in non Eco mode. Just be ready to lose 2x charge in such stretches though.


Thanks for sharing this with us @ashishsacharya, it’s clearly one of the steepest slopes we’ve seen in Bangalore.

We sent the 450 to be tested there. Ran multiple tests, with a single rider and 2 dual combinations with rider weights at a combined of 150 and 180 kg. The vehicle was able to climb the slope.

The total length of this stretch is 400m, with a steep portion of 100ft being an average of 11-13°. At its steepest point, which happens to be near the end of the slope it is about 15°. (Imagine a y= x^2 curve). Provides a good testing ground for us for the future! :slight_smile:


Tarun also check the Abbai Naidu Studio entrance road i think by far it is steepest

Thanks a lot for confirming on this @Shreyas . Really appreciate it. And 11° - 13° would be very accurate as I have checked it myself. The only other clarification I would need is if this would impact the range by much?

Thanks again :metal:

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Hi Shreyas,
What’s the max gradability that the 340 and 450 are designed for at GVW?

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In spec, it is mentioned as @10kmph, 18% for 450 and 15% for 340. I understand from the inaugural speech that these gradients are achieved after carrying two adults.


Wow, such a great gesture

Quick doubt. Why does it say that Ather 450 can carry 150KG max. My friend (105KG) and me 90KG went up a steep exit ramp(no idea on incline) for about 50 metres without the scooter dying, there was excess noise but the scooter seemed to take it without breaking a sweat. Also why is the max weight not rated as 200 when it easily pulls 200

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Because they know if they rate it at 150 we’ll use 200.
If they rate it at 200, people will end up using it as a tow for other vehicles.p


150Kgs is the limit on weight to have the same performance. You can carry additional load/people, but dont expect the scooter to run the same way. Have reliably cruised at 70-90 with two adults (150kg+) and a 40kg dog.

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I have used it as a tow vehicle, to tow another Ather 450.
It just used around 40wh/km instead of 35-37wh/km…


Factor of safety.

That’s one hilarious reply XD

Ather should reconsider their gradability rating.
Did this incline of 24 deg from a stand still on the incline with a 90kilo payload.


Bad way to measure grade. Use at least a two foot long inclinometer for a better reading. This will only give a very local reading of the slope. The average reading can’t be measured like this.

Pretty sure no vehicle can climb a 24 degree constant slope.

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