Sunday ride up the Katraj ghat near Pune

@wmayuresh had suggested on Pune Whatsapp group that we do a ride up the Katraj ghat till the old Katraj tunnel on Sunday (17th Jan). I was more than ready to join! Plan was to go up the Katraj ghat on Sunday morning, have some hot tea, click some photos, and enjoy the Warp mode. Main objective was to check how the 450X handles on the ghat curves, how capable it is climbing the ghat, and check if it throws up any issues like overheating etc.

Sunday met Mayuresh near our decided point. His son was also accompanying as a pillion. It was Warp mode all the way for me. 450X pulls very well in ghat inclines, leaving behind all the bikes (some Enfields, some Dukes, just to name a few) as well as most of the cars. It handles well on the curves as well. I could lean into the curves with confidence. It climbed up the ghat very comfortably without any stress. No excessive noise from the the motor either, just the normal Warp mode noise. At the top of the ghat near the tunnel, we had some hot tea. Got some questions from people about the Scooter. Some thought Ather was some European company. @abhishek.balaji, the Ather ads could use some Made in India mention for sure. Crossed the tunnel, went down a few curves and then came back home.

I could do this ride every Sunday from now on, it’s addictive :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


We’ll plan one next Sunday too


I am in too


Thanks @thakur.ketan for joining the ride and guiding through regen technique. This was short ride just 25 odd Kms, but sheer fun. In ghats, Ather outperformed many IC engine bike or scooter. we’ll enjoy many more rides as Pune is blessed with such places within reach of Ather range. My son was very much excited for the ride and was ready before me in morning. Once actual school starts, I’m thinking ride on Ather can be incentive to wake him up timely. :grinning: He enjoyed the ride much.

I realized that, regen can be aggressive while returning back. So, submitted a feature request at: