Saturday morning ride to Sinhgad Fort - Pune

While riding in city few days back, as usual someone was inquiring about my ride at signal. One question I couldn’t answer definitatively was ‘can you ride to Sinhgad fort’. I was not very sure about distance. So, started exploring. This was around 30 kms from my place. But, road is not straight. There is ghat road to reach to fort. We had ride to Katraj ghat earlier with @thakur.ketan detailed at Sunday ride up the Katraj ghat near Pune. So, I was confident about riding ghats as well. But, little doubt was in mind considering distance and steep ghat. So, decided to take plunge to overcome range anxiety.

Started on Saturday morning around 8 am with 100% charge with my trusted companion.

Roads were empty. I had planned to keep speed within control keeping eye on real time efficiency as guided in post Tips on how to get good range from your Ather bike. I decided to ride in sport mode throughout. Speed was around 40 till we reached to Kirkatwadi. Due to road construction works, road condition was bad almost till Donje.

We took first short break for photos in ghat keeping fort in background.

The road was steep even on curves. This was fun where other vehicle was showing limits. We rode confortably without any fuss and reached at top around 9:15.

apologies for blurry picture. It was covered in dust. Distance covered 28.7 km. Battery at 52%. Efficiency was high as we covered uphill.

Some siteseeing at fort

Pune Darwaja

View of vally


Tanaji Malusare Samadhi

Amruteshwar Temple

We didn’t spend much time as focus was ride for this time. Had a quick tea and started return journey downhill.

Downhill ride of 8 kms gave us 1% battery increase when we reached foothill. :slight_smile:


again apologies for blurry picture. took in jiffy.

another short stop at Khadakwasla dam for photos

Now, there was no more range anxiety and ride style returned to normal :slight_smile: reached home uneventfully.

Total distance covered 57.4 kms and still 26% battery remaining.

This gives me more confidence now to ride distances. I don’t ride on two wheeler this much. This was really a fun ride. Pune is blessed with such places nearby within range. Looking forward to take many more rides.

Enjoyed a lot except jorney through broken roads. I wish there was different suspension settings for different terains or modes :slight_smile:


Great! You were able to cover the distance easily with 26% to spare! We can definitely plan longer rides now. Missed joining you on this one.

So happy that my tips were helpful and useful. Now that you tried them out, you might have got a hang on your rides.

That’s great! This was what I was talking about in my thread.:v:

And I am sure if you hadn’t travelled uphill and applied my tips on a normal ride, you would have had around 40% battery charge at the end.

Happy flight :blush:


Great, we will surely plan a trip together :motor_scooter:

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