Solar Charging

Can we use Ather Dot Charger on Solar Inverters?

The inverter’s output capacity matters the most. Also, as here it is mentioned, it becomes very risky when the power goes:

I just got my vehicle delivered today will be setting up the dot charger over the weekend to work in tandem with my off grid solar inverter system, will post my experience of charging the ather with solar panels and inverters shortly. Standby for more updates from me.


Looking forward for your feedback. Thankyou.

Dear All, Further to provide update on my previous post, I was able to successfully charge my 450x via solar and inverter, the dot charger consumes some where in the range of 4.5 to 5 Amps current with around 800 Watts power, charge from 15% battery to 100% took around 4 Hours with around 3.8 Units of electricity. So any one planning to charge their 450x on solar and inverter you need atleast 1.5kw inverter and above exclusively for charging the vehicle. Do let me know if any more information is required from my side.


A unit of electricity is 1kWh. If it took 4 hours and 3.8 units, the average rate of charge(or power) should be 3.8kWh/4hrs = 950watts.

The usable battery capacity of the 450X should be 2.6kWh. Even considering losses, why is the consumption so high, at 3.8 units?

Hello Vinith I am just sharing across the approximate numbers here and not the exact values, the load on my inverter included some other house hold load as well not just the 450x alone, I will over the period of time do exact monitoring and share the standalone metrics. My this post was to give a shout out that charging via inverter and solar is possible with minimum inverter requirements being atleast 1.5 kw


Is it consuming 3.3 units for single charge.

It’s approx number from 15% charge level to 100%, when I really get a chance to drain out the battery completely that’s when I will get correct values.

Ideally it shouldn’t consume more than 3 units as battery pack is 2.9 KWH when you charge 0 to 100%. The usable capacity in Ather 450X is 2.61 kWh. I am using solar power to charge my bike, however my system is 2.65 KW ongrid system (without a battery bank with import-export facility with dishcom) which generates around 350 units a month which powers my home load and charging of Ather. As per my reading I haven’t consumed more than 2 to 2.5 units depending upon the charge level. Most of the time I charged from 20% to 80%. Would surely like to know your inputs.



Thanks for sharing the inputs Chetan, as I said the units number I have shared is only approximate and not actual number + it’s only for the first time I have charged after getting delivery, will share my numbers for second and consecutive charge cycles. Also I have added a seperate energy meter to the dot charger, so this time when I charge in the 450x i will get the actual units consumed along side the battery stats. I have a 6kw off grid solar system with 3kw inverter and 400Ah battery bank as my setup.

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