Setting up Your Home Charging Point

I have a 1 KV UPS from APC( on which my entire house runs including a 500lts fridge and Im using a 2 kwatt solar panel connected to charge my batteries via a charge controller to charger the 150x2 C10 rated batteries, hence was checking if someone has tested with inverter/ups .

That would be very helpful @raghav.srinivasan if you can get some realtime wattage reading when connected to charge the ather scooter as I have got wiring done wired to connect the ather charger to charge via the UPS .

Hi Everyone,

I have query on home charging point installation.
I stay in older independent house. I am not sure earthing is available or not. While installing charging point. Will the installation team will perform basic checkout to ensure is fine.

Thank You

don’t worry they will do all checks and install the pod securely

u don’t have to doubt/worry on that part


Thanks @Abhishek
As I told, I leave in 30+ years older home where earthing is not done.
Today Ather charging point installation team came and examine earthing point and confirmed without earthing charging point would not glow green and started with installation.
Now I need to work with Ather team again for 2 days to make earthing point installation and configuring created earthing wire to charging point to make it green.

I really need to appreciate Shivu who made me under the issue and provided resolution steps before he started with installation and done a great job.

Let me work offline with Ather team offline to resolve my charging point issue.


Day 2 : Earthing installation activity from Ather and their vendor team.

[This message is for those who not aware of earthing activity process, For people who’s charging point gave surprise of no earthing connections ]

I have scheduled appointment on 1st June 2019 at 13:00. Mr. Lokesh from Ather team was on time to my location but he needs wait for vendors to reach my place took 2.5 hours and we finally started with earthing work around 15:45.

Pre - Requites equipment for earthing : slight_smile:

  1. Earth Hole digging bar.

  1. Earthing Electrodes [Rod].


  1. Ground Enhancing compound [Chemical].

  1. Earthing Copper wire [ Ather Non - Standard wire. I purchased personally ] and Electrical Wire.

Installation steps :

A) Started with Earth Hole digging bar to dig the earth hole. We need to do in 3 places as
1st hole failed due to interior sanitary pipe connection pipe found and 2nd failed to due
to rock came up in middle and not able to proceed further and dig 3rd hole which was
successful without issues.

   To reduce effort of employee and time who was using manual bar for his work. We 
   provided machinery equipment to take care of activity.  [ Since my father works in 
   construction field so we were having machinery equipment called [Demolition 
    Machine ]   

B) After digging the earth hole, exactly in middle inserted with Earthing Electrodes [Rod]
and remaining places of completely filled with 25 kg of Ground Enhancing compound
[Chemical] and used water to set and waited until it get dry.

C) Previous places which was digged was closed by vendor and all set his job completed
and got ready to leave the place. Next works [Electrical works ] needs to be taken
Lokesh [Ather]

I) He connected copper wire [Which we took 200 meters] from earthing installation place
line to the wall.

II) He extended connection from copper wire to normal electrical wire till the electrical point and gave connection to the main point where home charging point is installed.

III) Lokesh ensure electrical wire are properly placed in wall and test the connection immediately turned on MCB, The hidden surprise was home charging point started flowing from RED to GREEN

Real happiness is making the things to happen and my sincere thanks to Lokesh in this picture. He was very polite, smiley face and patience he did 2nd day Ather work very Awesome !!!

Now, I need to schedule 3rd day appointment with Ather, To close earthing pole with cement and need to make external electrical cover with fiber as wire to directly placed on the wall.

I will take care with ather team on offline.

Santosh Kumar L



Lokesh installed my charging pod as well

very swift and he checks the work both before and after and make sure u are happy before he leaves the place

(i remember - generally i dont bother to check the anatomy of the work - if the line appears straight or bent etc… but this guy is serious he just goes back and checks the detail in corrects them every step)


What is the standard height of installation of the charger from Floor level.

I have made the full payment on 28th May but till now I have not got any call from ather team for charger installation.


did u try contacting them (they must be busy organizing yesterdays event)

please contact or drop a mail at

Yes I have contacted them today and even mailed them they replied me as “Concerned team will get in touch with you”. But till now no call from installation team.

I believe around 4.5ft from ground level. I asked for mine to be about foot higher to keep my dogs from playing with it.

I am trying to get approval from my apartment’s management commitee for the charger installation. This being the first ever charging device in the society ( a 250 flats dwelling), they want to talk to ather installation team and I am trying to work with ather offline on this.
In the meantime I have collected questions from them here are the main ones. Can someone here reply them from their home charger installation experience?

  1. How the cable will be drawn to parking,
  2. What kind of wires will be used
  3. What kind of conduit will be used,
  4. Is it going to be single phase or three phase.
  5. How the charger will be placed

The charging team is working in many places in Bengaluru and Chennai to install chargers both. Ather Grid and Home charging Pod (in Bengaluru as of now) Hopefully you should get a call by this weekend… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the Information :slight_smile: I have called ather team few minutes back they said charger installation will be done this Thursday.


One query: I got my charging point installed last week and technician told charging will not happen when the DG is ON and it ll charge only on Main power.

I was fine with that. But, wanted to know how others opted and why?

Same here.

When the generator is on, it will not charge

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I am not sure whether its suitable solution.

Can you check if the generator has grounding done may be that should solve the problem.

Because I read it somewhere grounding should be done for generators as well

Generator had grounding but will not support the load…