Service Price Increased

Hi, yesterday I had my first service done and noticed that Ather increased the service charge by 700/- plus GST. My total bill amount is 826/-. They opened the body, conducted a belt check, and applied a spray. Afterward, they washed the vehicle and updated the BMS software. That sums up everything that was done.


Pls explain properly

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They don’t even spend for an hour for the general service, but charge ₹800+


For me they didn’t even clean the scooter. Made me wait 1.5hrs for a 10 minute job. Simply inspected the belt visually, brake pads visually. Then took the scooter to wash. Came back and said that the polishing guy is unavailable and I can come back anytime later to get the polish done.

Charged me the full service amount and then next time I go to get polishing done, the service center is shut down forever🤣

Okhla service center, Delhi.


I had done my 10k km service last week and the amount was 720 rupees only includes gst . The staff told me that the coast of 1st service is 500 rupees + gst . 2nd service is 700 + gst and for 3rd is 500+ gst and so on


I did my second 1 months ago it was 500

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Last week 15k service done they charged 848 no parts changed


I had given my Ather450x gen 2 for 20k kms. Service,it costed me Rs 2100/- including both front and rear brake pads and general service, which is I think too much.


Front & rear brake pads available in open markets and Amazon at cost of between Rs 320 to 350 fitting charges Rs 150 but Ather does charge Rs 1600 for the same


But Outside Markets wont give Warranty of 4,000 KMs for Wear and Tear Products. Just FYI

So 500 it’s rs per change and Ather is doing it for 1600Rs per change. That’s common business practice to make users think they are getting premium stuff.


I think You are talking about Both Tyres

Today I did 10K service, it costed 700/- odd for FRONT brake pad and 700/- odd for service, including labor.

Paid 1420/- for 10K service in total, only front brake pad replacement.


Good to hear it’s cheap

You could have asked him not to change them.

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Yes I’m talking about both (front & rear) in Rs 350+150=500 out side and life of break pads goes up to 7,000 to 10,000 km, for same part Ather does charge Rs1600, I think all scam going on dealership bases & Ather has closed eyes.

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Didn’t want the hassle of getting it done outside, I guess I just spend what I save on petrol back into the wheee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And the irony is they keep saying ev doesn’t require service.

I got my activa serviced 2 months ago. They found a fault in it so didn’t charged me anything for service.

Just had to pay 40 rs for some kind of computer test.

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Only Front Pad Replacement - 700

  • General Service + Water wash and Polish = 700 RS

He might asked not to Change the Break Pads but after 1-2k KMs

He have to go to the Same Service Center to ask them to Change the Disc Blades :sweat::sweat: