Service Price Increased

See I can’t talk for Outside Peoples

Ather doing OEM Products

Anything Wrong You can ask for Replacement and IF You feel like its a Scam Go and ask the Retail Partner of Your City

Or File a Legal Case too

Ather never Closed their Eyes, You didnt Contact Well

Aah the polishing person wasn’t there so i couldn’t get it done :confused:

Tbh for paying so high, the experience isn’t really that good


Cost of 50k service of my Royal Enfield Classic Reborn was 1400. Which was done yesterday. Both pads were replaced and engine oil was changed.

Royal Enfield which is considered hathi of two wheelers because it is expensive to maintain costs half of what Ather costs for the same. And Ather was supposed to be ev and cost less to maintain.


Yeah I agree to that, Retail Partners should look all these and Ather too

I paid 40 rs only for my activa :crossed_fingers:


This is really disappointing paying 1600 bucks for brake pads replacement is insane any new break pad will easily live 3-4k kms so Ather providing replacement warranty is just a cover up for charging so much , Washing polishing my local garage does it way better with shampoo wash and charges just 150rs … Already paid a premium for scooter and service seems to be a let down…


Ather should publish the service cost and get payments online if they want to be transparent. But they wont. I was told a simple 30 min work of changing scratched parts would be charged 1k rs labour cost + 5k for parts and I have to pay the cost. Then the insurance company will pay me as there is no cashless option available in Ather. When the showroom guy said we will do the insurance at the time of delivery, I expected it to be cashless and better support from service center. For this kind of support and work from my side, I would have gone with third party cheap insurance. If your service center is crowded, stop selling scooters and increase service centers. Don’t just increase service cost and tell 1 week wait time for 30 min work.


Infact ICE scooter have better service compared to EV. I have crossed 5000km on December 8th but was not able to get the servicing done because apparently there is a waiting. The date I have received for Service is Jan 18th


Same here. Mine service is done in 15 k, they changed the brake pads and charged 2100. Its reall tooo much


Kindly share the bill here

They even gave my bike a scratch for free. I usually like to keep my vehicle scratch free. Luckily I had a photo clicked before servicing. Still it could only be used for the purpose of argument. I have also noticed a significant drop in mileage after the first service. I am getting 85KM mileage in ride mode which I used to get 93KM before servicing.


Ather is notgiving a good service stations and their prices are too much costly and :rage:


Any clue on service subscriptionssssssss

There was a survey from Ather few weeks back asking how much will you pay for service subscription. What features do you require and all stuffs. I think they are working on a new Subscription plan where you will need to pay more that the existing plan. I received the survey by email.

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Yes the price is now 708 for service. When I asked they said it was hiked 3 months ago.

And if the price hike wasn’t enough, you can pay extra for priority treatment at the SC!

Ather Energy rolls out ExpressCare 60-minute quick service for electric scooters

They are doing everything apart from implementing the actual Service Plans.

Speaking of service plans, did anyone else get a survey about the pricing of them? They are considering making it into 2 tiers and the pricing was a bit steep.

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That’s literally how long it takes for service. For me it was like 30 mins for normal stuff.

Are they following business model of, “Create the problem and sell the solution” ?


We could expect the announcement for the plans on community day

Here at Bangalore it’s around 825/- Rs

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Oh that’s true maybe wo could

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