Service experience in Ather space(khivraj) Vellore

First thing first, my first service experience with Ather was spectacular.

Now we come to my problems, I brought my Ather 450X(Speedster) 3 months before and I ride it nearly 4000 kms. First 1500 kms was very smooth after that I starting to hear some small noise from belt.

After reading Ather community (forum) post I came to know it’s normal to hear some noise from belt. But, day by day the noise getting louder and some times when I try to force regen vehicle starting to wobble a little. After 3000 kms I decided to visit service center.

31st July I visited Vellore Ather service center, They asked me to wait in the reception, after inspection service person came to inform me about the vehicle condition, he told me that,

belt got a damaged from road debris so it need to be changed and belt tension and Alignment need to adjusted.

He also stated that the belt has warranty for 10000 kms so it’s covered under warranty. After that he asked me to bring my vehicle the next day because there is already some vehicle under service.

Unfortunately I’m unable to do the service the next day so I requested him to just align the belt so I can come in a convenient time.

After two weeks today(2023-08-14) I had a time to visit service center, so I bring my vehicle to Vellore SC. They did a excellent job, with in two hours I got my vehicle back.

And i didn’t pay for the service or the material, the hole process done by free of cost.

I really appreciate everyone who did their part of job very best. I specially thank Mr. Raja(service advisor) Mr.Rahul (service technician).


Hey bro I’ve also bought my bike from Vellore just a week ago

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