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One more pathetic experience of service. My 450 got to break down due to the Saree guard came out of position from where it is. I tried calling roadside assistance. After 6 to 7 calls in a day finally, at 7 PM I got a call saying that they will pick up the vehicle the next day. I also informed you can just bring in a saree guard and replace it. But they opted to tow away. It has been 1 and a half days. No update on that. One simple replacement they are making hell a lot of Hangama and the service is so pathetic and bad that I am really losing interest and like of Ather. This is not the first time on pick up and return issue this is the 3rd straight time I am facing it. Please think that is it worthwhile staying with these people. I respect your take.


Same thing if in your scooter any part damage it’s not easy to replace. you have to wait for long time My scooter belt break they changed around 1 month now my scooter start BODy cracking front panel they told me when part available they contact me Ather making joke Why we spend to much money I don’t know


My dad met with an accident on Ather 450x. And parts are not available from the manufacturer. I dont know Ather is making thousands of scooters in advance and their is no spare parts. Its been morethan 15 days, their is no update coming from service persons. Everytime i am calling getting shy why am i begging for my scooter even all the insurance was covered


Even though Ather 450x comes with lots of software bug, its a great electric scooter. Fortunately for me Kochi service team is Awesome.

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Same here, im call customer service from pass 2 days for some rubbing sound issue facing from many months, but not fixed after multiple services from my 450. They are least bothered about customers. Note: Ather Team who is responsible for service, dont even bother to call customer after multiple call and issue raised by customer.

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Another day another Ather horror story,

On 25th of December (I own 2 athers the 450 and the 450x)(own 450x and leased 450) i had gone out on a small city trip with both of my athers (i was riding one and my friend on another) after a peaceful ride i realised the 450x was on 22 percent i managed to reach the nearest Ather grid , and i plugged in my Ather hoping it to “fast” charge to my surprise the grid flashed a red light , i restarted my Ather and tried the same still the grid flashed the red light, it was the same for my 450 too,then i tried another charging station nearby which has 4 athers waiting already :frowning: . I tried calling the RSA so called “roadside assistance” which never responded, with loads of disappointment i could get the 450 to my commercial property which is in JP Nagar, and hoped to charge it with the portable charger, and to my surprise, the portable charger also failed it started flashing green and red light with a weird fuse tipping noise. I immediately turned it off and unplugged it, I left my 450 and, managed to reach Ather Space in my 450X and put it for charge in the fast charger present in the showroom. I carried my portable charger to the manager of the showroom, I approached him as an owner of an Ather 450 and explained him my situation and asked him if he can get my charger checked in the service station which is below the charger, the manager straight away tells "I’m absolutely helpless sir, since you bought the charger and the scooter from Indiranagar showroom please contact them, we are only equipped to deal with the latest Ather 450x and 450 plus and its accessories " i was shocked by hearing the arrogant reply from him , he again asked me to go to the “Ather proto lab or the IBC service park for more help” I was helpless. I spoke to the technician who was working in the service department, he told “sir 450x thogoli chanag idhe ille service madkodthivi” then i pointed towards my 450x and told him i have both and am still suffering helplessly, then he says “ok aythu” idk what im supposed to do with that. I managed to reach “Ather proto lab” with the little charge I had in my Ather 450 and to my surprise it was closed and the security informed me that its a holiday and there is no staff working today. My battery was literally dying and i called the helpline number, the person says sir you are not on any service plan you need to pay 1900 for pickup , In the past 3 years of my ownership i never paid for any package it was taken care by the “autovert” team itself . I politely explain her that the vehicle is on lease I have no clue about the subscriptions for a leased vehicle and there is no means to contact “autovert” because they don’t respond to mails or receive calls when we try calling their customer care number provided by Ather . At this point i was helpless because Ather and Autovert together have done an amazing job together by putting me in an amazing stuck and troublesome situation. I limped my Scooty home with the help of my friend by pushing and using the last 5 percent conservatively and reached home after a very bad day. The following questions are for the Ather team:

  1. When a public charger doesn’t work why is it shown green in the app? I had to detour 4 km to realize that Ather grid didn’t work.
  2. How can a manager of the showroom be so arrogant and tell I’m helpless and lead him to another place which he knows is closed? (when im on less charge)
  3. If the new showrooms are only equipped to deal with 450 plus and 450x does it mean that the 450 owners are no longer valued? (this is what happens when a company turns too greedy for new customers)
  4. I am trying to reach autovert since 3-4 days continously and there is no reply from their side , when i was leasing out the scooter Ather made sure that the contact between the customer and Autovert team was smooth and all the process went smooth. When it came to subscriptions how can you tell " you will have to talk to autovert for that we can’t do anything"?
  5. Autovert doesn’t have a proper customer care number and has an email address which is probably never checked .
  6. Why did you guys sell such low-quality unreliable chargers which always end up in issues? (gen-1 portable charger) and charge 5k for it.
  7. I dont think Ather has done a good job in customer satisfaction, this is the worst service ive ever seen from a company.

I wrote this to point out that Ather is purely careless about their 450 customers, to point out the mean and arrogant staff they have in their showroom, to show how careless they are when we ask them to establish a contact between us and autovert, how careless autovert is about their leased scooters.

If this is how unreliable your charging options and network are i dont think Ather is doing a good job except minting money on their products. Very disappointed being an owner of two Ather products.


Here i paid 1900/- more for that i didnt get proper answer, Got answer like 100/-need to pay from cutomer for insurance and others are scrap charges 10% for metal. Forget to remind Ather users. I think after service belt change we are not getting the belt from USA, I am feeling that the belt is cheap cause when you see the the belt that shown in the demo piece in showroom we people are not getting it anymore


All automobile companies are like that but i thought Ather is different but it also seems to be same

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@abhishek.balaji , can you pls confirm if Fork leakage is covered in Service lite plan, or I need to pay extra for its repair.

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What are the consumables that will be covered under Ather Service plans? Once your vehicle is inspected, here are the consumables that will be replaced, as and when required.

  • FR & RR wheel bearings
  • Steering bearings
  • Front fork seal
  • Swingarm bushes
  • Brake pads (two wheels per year)
  • Primary and secondary belts

Additionally, we will also do a top-up of brake fluid and front fork oil.

Source: FAQs - Answers To All Your Questions | Ather Energy