Road Side Asistance for charging

Do we have a Road side assistance for charging the scooter incase stopped due to NO CHARGE ?

Yes they have, but they’ll charge you I think it’s around Rs.1800 for tow service to the nearest fast charging point

This FAQ point might help.

Instead of Towing, do they providing Charging. For me I too have a CAR Kona EV for which they come and Charge it one the spot but you need to wait till they come for free of charge, that’s why I raised this question in the forum. With in Bangalore 60 Km Radius for 5KW ie., around you can reach home nearest charging Station. Out side on high ways 80% charge ie., 300 + Kms.

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In some cases yes. Vehicle to vehicle charging is not feasible in all scenarios since the donor vehicle will have to be ridden to the receiver location and then back as well. The charge transfer would also be efficient only under a certain range of charge. Check this thread for more information:

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What if there is a normal fuel vehicle like a small truck which has a generator at the back which can covert fuel into electricity and can be used to charge our vehicle. This can solve the problem which you have said in your post of reserving a little power of the battery for the donor vehicle to reach back. Pls correct me if I’m wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

That was a suggestion earlier as well, but people don’t run out of charge that often actually. It’s easier to have a portable charger handy and get access to a 5A socket for charging up enough to get to a nearby faster charger.

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The image of an Ather getting charged by using a petrol generator on the road side can damage the brand and “eco-friendly” image of Ather.

One such picture on social media and it will become a meme. :laughing: