Vehicle to Vehicle charging

Came across this link and thought why not have this feature in our scooter.

Assume you are not too close to neither the next charging point nor your home. But a friend’s Ather is nearby with fair amount of juice left in the battery pack. It would be nice if he/she could give you enough charge to help you ride to the next charging point! That would be smart, isn’t it? Ather on road assistance will charge the user if battery runs out this could also save that cost if another scooter can donate charge.

In phones, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 can wirelessly charge another device.

Usecase may be less, but whenever it is made use of, will be a huge difference!

Fancy but I would love to have this in future :slightly_smiling_face:


If your charge runs out and you opt for road side assistance, in some cases, we do offer vehicle to vehicle charging through one of our service vehicles. This requires some changes and additional electronics to enable this on regular scooters. For this to work, there are some additional conditions as well:

  1. The donor vehicle would need to have the SoC in a certain band for this to be efficient and safe. The charge state would have to be carefully monitored, since this won’t have the protections and safety measures as you’d have in a portable/home/Ather Grid charger

  2. You’d need an adapter that connects both the scooters together, similar to the one used in the article above