Range of the Ather 450

Hey guys!!! Can u please tell us the exact range the scooter is giving on road? In eco mode, is it approx 75, under 75 or over 75?


Hi Manjunath,

How much range you are getting after one full charge ?

I got 60 kms,


At 60km, how much percentage battery was left.

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Hello manjunath,

This range is lesser than what is mentioned in Spec… You were suppose to get close to 70km… So were you riding with ECO mode ON? Or this was your first ride Summary and you were trying all options… Like varying speed now and then when you get a open road…

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedbacks…

Appreciate for sharing above observations

yeah it was surprising for me aswell in regards to range/charge

thought it would at least give 60KM with aggressive riding style…

may be @AtherTeam can explain this better

also Ather should start thinking of adding adapter to the cable on charging Pod so that we can choose to charge between POD ad wall socket as the equipment is onboard

@shreyas - should this be possible - please advise


More than the user, @Ather.Team who has tested various prototypes under various conditions can give an explanation to this 60km/charge range. If the user has shared the data during this 60 km range, it will be easy for them to explain.

Thanks for your feedback… I am really worried about range now…

@Ather.Team my objective of buying this scooter was to commute between home to work and back home which will be around 70kms total… But now after reading few feedbacks about range I feel that I may not achieve my objective…

By the way, what if I ride in ECO mode and not exceed 60km/h speed … Will I be able to get this 70kms range? Also when we did pre-booking I thought we will get power cord for charging apart from charging pod which was considered as early bird offer… @Ather.Team please clarify…


Invaluable feedback! The range anxiety has truly set in now, since I was hoping we can 60 km/charge at the minimum. Seems like we need to buy the charging cable and store it in the vehicle just to be sure.


My daily commute is around 55kms and I was really hoping for atleast 70kms range. Is there any driving style in order to increase the range?

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Hi @Ather.Team, please explain how the 75km range was achieved during the proto testing ?

45km range per charge is scaring me out. :expressionless:

All the press and specs made one believe that you would get 60km range in power mode and 75km range in eco mode and that 100plus range in indian stardard driving condition made me think that, what ather told was may be the worst case range. Clearly not, reports by owners getting a range of 45km, is music to the traditonal two wheeler makers and even chinese rebadged EV scooters and not so good news to new customers.


Drive calmly. Leave Place A early to reach Place B on time.
Don’t try to race in the traffic which leads to frequent braking and accelerating. Acceleration and Deceleration to be done slowly.
Etc. etc…


Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very valuable.

But the range is really concerning… My assumption was minimum of 60 km.

In my conventional scooter, my milage will vary between 35-40 based on how I drive. But not like 25-40


Hi Guys,

I see lot of responses on the range anxiety which i have mentioned as 45 km on 100%. I feel i should clarify that all the specs mentioned on my post are on non-eco mode as am not a fan of ECO mode. On ECO mode the range shows 56 km on full charge.

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Thank you Raghu! It’s good to see on the ground feedback, it’s quite alarming to know that the milage is stuck at 42km and to know that the issue hasn’t been resolved yet in my guess from 1 and half months? is most definitely making me think hard about going through with the vehicle

Variation in range/mileage is not surprising because individual ride styles have a pretty strong impact on your range. We are seeing a significant variation than what we see in road testing and one of the reasons for it is that people are loving the acceleration and are really pushing the scooter. More than what we had anticipated. In fact in many cases we are noticing that people are riding harder in the eco mode than the power mode (and yes, it did make us question the range setting). We are re-looking at the algorithms and other vehicle parameters, and already have some potential solutions. Vehicles from a hardware perspective are fine as the standard range (by Indian driving cycle) hasn’t changed and the good news is that with vehicle connectivity, solutions can be pushed OTA. Meanwhile, keep riding ! The more kms your vehicle clocks the better it’s prediction will get.



What do you mean by driving aggressive? Can you please elaborate? I was in an assumption that if you drive in ECO mode… You are driving like a normal driver following the traffic flow without any sudden change affecting speed of scooter… (like frequent overtakes or frequent braking… )