Queries Regarding Ather Dot Charger


I am considering purchasing the Ather 450X. But I have a few questions regarding the DOT Charger before I go ahead with the same. I hope the forum clears my doubts.

Things to know: I live in an apartment building with a parking space. Don’t have a closed garage.

  1. Is the DOT Charger water proof? If not, how do I protect it against the heavy monsoon here in Mumbai? Are there any accessories available for its protection? Also can the DOT charger resist moisture?

  2. What can be done for theft protection? I know the DOT comes with the feature to help with electricity theft, but I am talking about the entire charging point itself. Is it detachable and can it be stolen easily? Or will it be fixed in the wall?

That’s all for now. In case I have anything else, I’ll update this space.


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Hey! I personally chose the portable charger however I do remember reading somewhere that the DOT charger is waterproof to a certain extent. I however have seen owners getting a case made for the dot charger (you can find that discussion on the accessories page). You cannot steal electricity from the charger and in addition, the DOT charger is mapped to your Ather only, so it cannot be used to charge any other Ather or EV. It is wall mounted as well.


Hey, thank you for your help. I also want to know if you have any idea on DOT Charger’s detachability. Can it be detached easily from the wall? Or is it a permanent fix?

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It is fixed to the wall by screws


Okay. Thank you

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You can go through this topic you will find many different cases with many different designs.