Precautions during rainy season?

Could you please suggest set of precautions to be taken rainy / monsoon or wet climate. a) Safe to ride under controlled speed and conditions? b) Safe to park in rain? c) Any switch on procedures to be followed prior to starting vehicle after and direct heavy downpour in the scooter.


The different IP ratings of the scooter in various areas completely protect the scooter. We can ride it just like we have used any other ICE scooters. riding in rain, parking outside in rain, all are no issues.

But in general I take the following precautions to be safer: Don’t drive in water higher than floorboard. This holdstrue for ICE scooters too. Ride and brake with extra care. The Zappers at the rear have shown that they skid more. If the vehicle is submerged in water higher than floorboard for more than an hour, don’t start it…call the customer care for RSA.

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