PPF wrap + Ceramic coat

Can someone help me find a place to get this done for my Ather in Hyderabad? I park my bike on the road for almost the entire day and this is much needed. Thanks in advance.

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I’m not from Hyderabad but have seen some videos which says WrapStyle or something does a good job.

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Hi , Can you share images of how this grey looks after ppf coating means you wrote wet kind of so that’s why asking

I own a series 1! So this it how it looks -


Looks brand new!


I am so worried about scratches! What should i do ? Any suggestions

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I want to get ceramic coating done for my mint green 450x. anybody can recommend a place north Bangalore side which is not too expensive…

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Please share more details if possible.

Any such shop in Mumbai ?

Can you please provide address or contact info?

I love in wakad area and here every detailer is quoting around 17-25k.

Does the gloss black color latch onto dust easily while travelling or while keeping it in parking? I am planning to buy the cosmic black version

Its a dust magnet! Since I have got PPF, its much easier to maintain. If you aren’t a clean freak, avoid cosmic black, and go for lighter colours :grinning:

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Thanks, i orderd 450x 3.1 white color today :innocent:


Try Auto Triz in Hyderabad

My scooter got some scratches and dents ? Can I still do it ?