PPF wrap + Ceramic coat

Wrapped my 450x with DuPont paint protect film and wax polish. Should be good for another 5 - 6 years. !




Scooter looks beautiful with soap too​:fire::joy:


How much did this cost…

Great. How much did it cost?

4500 for ppf coating

₹4,500 for ppf

Which place do you get it done?

hi nelson

is there additional cost for ceramic coat

Ceramic coat done today at btmcarspa near btm lake at the best price in Bangalore they charged me 4 k

For Ceramic coat am sharing the contact information please do contact him 9620313960

Eye catcher of the eye catcher.:sunglasses:

My god. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far. Which brand ppf did he use?

To those who have done PPF/Ceramic/3M, is it really worth? Any long term catches?

If you’re thinking of ppf don’t go for 3M. Many people have observed yellowing after a while because of it

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I got mine PPF’d for a hefty price (hexis PPF is costly, after kavaca). But trust me, I feel the cost of replacing parts is much cheaper than PPF. Its very debatable. More like - Its just a scooter vs. its a gem :joy:


  • protects panels from light scratches.
  • gives a wet look on the black color I own


  • no guarantee of how it gets treated at service
  • replacing damaged PPF is costly and time consuming affair

After my ather got into an accident in its 2nd week, the panels with PPF had to be disposed and now, my scooter is protected one half by expensive PPF and the other being bare :joy:

Will think of getting PPF again when the translucent panels get installed.


So, it is just the looks and light protection, right? Is ceramic any better? Anybody with that?

Yup! Correctly said. I think PPF is more valuable when the part you want to protect is extremely expensive to repair for light scratches, for example - expensive cars

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I just got my 450+ wrapped in PPF + Ceramic coating. My reason was that I have the grey 450+ (has no clear coat on it) and within the first few days of owning it I got a mild scratch on the side panel next to the seat. This was caused due to tight parking and someone scratched it while removing their bike. I was told PPF is the best in terms of protecting against these kind of scratches. I wouldn’t really consider PPF protection for crashes or accidents but most definitely against everyday brushes with other vehicles or objects.

I got mine done in a place in HRBR layout called Autotriz. I checked out 3M too in HRBR layout and preferred the workmanship at Autotriz. I did happen to meet an owner who wrapped their bike in the 3m wrap and the yellowing wasn’t as bad as i expected but it was noticeable.

To help others understand the process and pricing please read below:

I went with a PPF covering along with a ceramic coating for all non painted plastic parts including my seat and the alloys. The ceramic coating wouldn’t really protect against scratches but would make it easier for me to clean and maintain.

3M informed me that they would take a day to install the PPF film and Autotriz told me that it would take 2 to 3 days. Autotriz explained to me that the preparation of the bike prior to PPF and ceramic is critical and that’s why it would take more time. I felt satisfied with their work and went ahead. I was the 2nd Ather 450 to be done at their shop.


Ather requires about SqFt = 23-26 SqFt for the exposed painted panels(Mine was 26 because I chose to include the headlight glass)

Price / Sqft = 600-900Rs Depending on brand.

Total = 14k upto 20K

Ceramic Coating = 3000Rs for all other parts including the dashboard, the seat, the alloys and all other exposed plastic.

I went with a brand STEK that cost me 650/Sqft for the PPF and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Note to grey 450 owners is that getting a PPF in matte finish is hard as most detailers dont stock it. My 450 now has a glossy finish to it with the PPF and I think it looks pretty ok .

Hope this helps people understand it a little better. I will share my experience as time goes by as to how well it protects the bike.


I dont think that is the original PPF. Mine costed 17700

I did ceramic coating