Post pictures of your Ather Delivery!

Creating this thread to let owners post pictures of their 450 getting delivered!

I got the vehicle early


. Received the Delivery on 3rd Dec…


My journey with Ather started last year as after a lot of research I finalized Ather as my electric scooter of choice. Hence waited enthusiastically for the pre bookings to open and ensured that I pre-book my scooter on the 5th of June when the pre-bookings were opened. My first experience with Ather 450 was on 11th of July when I had my test ride at the Indira Nagar experience centre, and it was amazing experience & liked the way each and every feature was explained by the Ather team. Yesterday, 13th of December after a wait of 6 months, I got the delivery of my Ather 450. Till date the experience with the Ather team was phenomenal and I appreciate them for keeping me updated on everything including the delay of the delivery. I can understand the delay as you are a startup hence you will face problems with your production but your initiative to inform me proactively is appreciated.

Thanks for your service & hopefully keep your services levels similarly high.

Looking to enjoy my Ather 450 rides.


Hello Ather gang

finally got my bike delivered yesterday…

no hiccup’s - everything was smooth - my Mom had to sign couple of docs and we had our moment…

as i have already driven and have been there couple of times for deliveries as well before… now its my Mom turn to go through features, which she did (though she won’t be riding) and was happy about the experience…

Now comes the test

Yes!! My Mom was able to manage to sit without side foot rest on the scooter… by placing her foot on Pillion foot rest.

For my Mom this was first EV ever she was on
For me this was first ride with a Pillion on back with Ather

she was comfortable all through the ride…

While i was trying to figure of if there is Re-gen working all the time she was enjoying the ride and also the attention from traffic.

there was a lot of traffic when we are heading home (as usual) - this time no complaints…

Funny Moment- a BMTC AC bus driver on the left corner of the traffic where am on right corner, so he asked couple of bikers to call me and shouted something in Kannada which i couldn’t hear (wearing Helmet) - so i just guessed and Yelled loudly ATHER 450>>)))}}}}

here are few observations which might interest you…

when we reached home

small cute chocolate box from Ather

comparison of floor board space with jupiter


have noted few other concerns… which i want to get in touch with other owners and Ather to understand/conclude

stay positive

thanks @Ather.Team for the Ather experience


Took the vehicle delivery . Its been an awesome experience. Kudos to @Ather.Team. As of now rode 32 km both in eco and normal mode. Now it’s 50% charge left.
Charging via adapter cable provided by ather.
Almost taking 1000watts whiles charging.
Let us see how much does it consume to full from 50%


Got mine today finally! It’s a joy to ride your own :slight_smile: Thanks for the awesome delivery experience to Sahil. Keep up the good work guys!@Ather.Team


Hi all,

Received Ather s 450 on 14th Feb and it was awesome ride so far and smoother and faster…hope more & more updates will make Ather drive more cooler


new Ather



Hi all,

Received my 450 today. Was a very good experience throughout the entire payment process till delivery (from 3rd Feb till 17th feb - my order id was 1476, pre-booked on the same day the gateway opened and have shown interest in this bike for 2 years before that)

Thank you @Ather.Team. from those on the phone to those at the experience centre to those at the open house. The transparency of communication is especially satisfying. Great work. Please do keep it up. The bike comes at a premium but I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it’ll be worth it.






The order number is sequentially based … I had shown Pre-Order Interest and booked the Ather 450 on 6th Jun 2018 … A complete day post the Launch. My Order ID was 1596 . Initially, the delivery period was November.

Finally got delivery on the 15th Feb 2019. The experience from Booking until Delivery has been wonderful. I would like to reassure everyone waiting, that it’s worthwhile.
I already own a 1st gen Reva-i . I have clocked up 210kms in the past 4 days on the 450. Will take some time to observe and understand the Drive/Charge and Usage cycles. I believe its too early for me to discuss on the Range. But am mighty impressed with the performance and dynamics of the Ather 450.


Finally I became the proud owner yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: of Flight 454. I was there around 2 pm as per the slot and spent around two hours discussing with Ather team and Uday and Julie from autovert (since I opted for lease). Everything went smooth and picture perfect with impeccable relationship mannerism and customer onboarding. Really sure this will set a new ownership experience benchmark in the auto industry.
So far, enjoying my ride getting lot of inquisitive eyeballs and unending questions from colleagues. Of course few of them took the test ride, even the hardcore big bikers who were scooter bullies till now got blown away by the sheer torque and smoothness of Ather. Its like a new awakening for them, the other world they didnt know about :yum:.
@rajeshkav has already very well captured the ‘good’ and ‘can be’ better points. But one thing I am seriously missing badly is the main stand. The tilt angle is too much on the side stand which makes it need lot of space for parking. Very tough to find that wide open slot anywhere on roadside or malls or office. And if the space is less there is always the fear specially now when its new (and on lease) that someone might scratch or damage my Ather while taking out their vehicle.
One more is the fan noise. Its too loud and frequent on a longer ride. Guess its already being fixed.


Finally received my Ather 450


We received ours today as well.



I finally got my own flight !!:grinning: today… flight #452
Trust me for the first ride back home at least it was too tough to keep the speed under 50, but yes what pleasure it was.

I must eco the delivery experiences of others too while acknowledging the smooth and seamless process we went thru.
Thanks :pray:t2: to the following people:

  1. Lokesh for the nice and tidy job of installing the 5A socket.
  2. Uday of Autovert for the smooth processing of the lease, I just missed getting the number 450 for the registration, but I know it is still within Ather
  3. Manish, for such a pleasant & patient delivery of the vehicle today


Thanks for Ather team, Its been a great time with you. I spent 1 hour with with ather team. And everyone was good and all my queries were answered, got my flight at 12:15 approx. Today met -Shreyas- Tarun- and took a pic with him… I was too excited And don’t talk much… I am happy to ride my flight now😎


Finally took home
flight # 3557

Ather sign up 5/8/2015

Pre order interest 24/07/2017

Order Date 7/06/2018

Payment date 13/02/2019

Received Delivery 27/02/2019

Thanks to Ather team