Possible theft from boot

Hello everyone,

My friend has forwarded me a video link from FB where two people have demonstrated how the items in the boot can be reached and taken out even if the boot is locked.

Please be careful and here I’m sharing the link…Demo link


the video is not visible on my end. but if you’re talking about that viral video where someone forcefully pulls it up from the side, it has already been fixed in the latest Gen3.1 seats.


And the newly designed seats are compatible with all Ather scooters out there. It can be upgraded at the nearest EC as available, for a price.


That’s good way of making some extra money. You make a product so bad and then release an upgrade and then charge for it. Talking about the issue of theft which you can resolve by paying the premium of new seats because they the seats Ather designed earlier has flaws.


Hey, at least they made an effort making the seats backward compatible.

I would’ve been really mad as a tall and chubby Gen 3X user who purchased in Dec 2022 just before they released 3.1 with the new seat, if they hadn’t made it compatible with mine :smiling_face_with_tear:

They seem to have overlooked some design elements before revamping it later… that’s how the design process goes iterating ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ like the Side Step and bigger battery design changes. Even the mirror wasn’t designed properly, but they changed it keeping in mind the previous users. Atleast the drivetrain was focused more on, unlike some other OEMs who gave preference to other aspects like battery capacity and cost :sweat_smile:


Sadly that’s how a product evolves. Humans can’t make a perfect product without a single flaw. Specially for a young company, evolution happens step by step. I’m sure after this someone would discover a new flaw, which would then be fixed in the next generation or offered as an upgrade. They can’t go around changing everyone’s seat, it wouldn’t make sense financially.


Hey thanks for the update. But is it fair that we go and upgrade the seat by spending our money for their design flaw ? Or atleast provide the new seat at a discounted price !!!


Yes, you get it for a discounted price in the ballpark of ₹3000s. Otherwise the seat replacement is some ₹7000s


In Automobile industry there’s term called “Recall” where a defective part is replaced, But Ather calls it as “Discount”


If its a design flaw the company must replace or repair the flaw for free. Improvement or feature could be chargeable by the company not a flaw. This should be done as a gesture of good will and helps build customer trust with the brand.


Is there a price list of all the spareparts? There is a thread, but it looks old and the price are relevant anymore. Also the Ather website doesn’t display the price of all spare parts.


A flaw can never be termed as a step to development. Someone (users) can’t be made to pay for iterations of a company. Flaws are always removed by a RECALL not by exaggerating the price list and then projecting as if you are helping your existing user base by giving the new product at half the price.


Thanks to the brother who started this thread.

After that video was posted i got my wallet and my new watch which was gifted to me few hours a ago stolen from my Ather boot just like that , just after 12 days of buying the vehicle.

And the worst part is we watched it happening from third floor of the building in a market area from where we were just helplessly shouting.

So for those who are saying that this is how a product evolves and product becomes better, I want to tell those people you just come to know how serious this issue is when you become victim of this.

Its ok if the design issue hinder a product’s performance or little functional operations but when it comes to security, man the company should take responsibility of this and fix it for free.

I went to Ather space, inititated a issue through app, emailed them, etc initially they all where quite and said we have to look into this. But days passed they did nothing even closed my issue by saying the vehicle is as is and it comes with that seat only we cant do anything about it. I felt so cheated that day after seeing how a company left its customer because of a design issue which they made and kept us to suffer.

I know this is a bit large comment, but i just wanted to share my experience.

I dont want this to happen to anyone else so please dont keep any valuables in Ather boot unless you have those new seats.


Exactly, rightly said.


Hi brother, I’m sorry to know that it happened with you. That video might have got widespread on social networks.

Ather should really provide you the value of your items, I feel.


What I feel is, Ather should provide the FREE replacement to all the Ather Owners facing the issue. I have stopped keeping anything small (like wallet, mobile, charger) in the boot. I feel the boot of Ather is useless and sometimes I feel that that even keeping Scooter charger in the boot isn’t safe.

Why not we all file a complaint in consumer forum highlighting the issue and demand the DEFECT in the scooter to be rectified either by changing the part or repairing the existing part.?


This is the reply i got after the escalation :

Hi Rohan,

Greetings of the day from Ather!

We are extremely sorry for the delayed response.

There is no issue with your seat but all the seats and scooters are like this only, we have changed the seat design and quality in all new Ather gen 3.1. Those seats will be available for older generation vehicles also if you want then you can purchase them and get them installed.

Apologies for all the inconvenience caused to you. Right now I’m closing this ticket if you have other concerns then you can revert here and the ticket will re-open.


This issue can only be resolved only if a good chunk of Ather owners escalate this issue with consumer forum or any other means.


Ather itself is saying that they have improved the quality of the new seats :grinning:

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But do we know if this fault is resolved in the new seat?