Possible theft from boot

Yes they have resolved it. There is a plastic guard now which helps avoid getting anything inside.

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There is a BIG black space in your message but I couldn’t see any link or video you shared. I want to see so that we can prevent/avoid unnecessary inconvenience or loss :grimacing: I strongly believe saying Prevention is better than cure.

Who knows, the designer knowingly did it. Now, make another design to avoid the flaws in the previous design, and then charge by explaining how the earlier issue could be resolved. In cars, manufacturers find some issues later. Then, they recall the vehicle by calling/emailing the customers that too an option being given whenever we are free and convenient, such an option given to customer’s satisfaction: an offer a customer can never deny to accept.



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( Sujith Kumar on Instagram: "@atherenergy think better!! #ather users do not keep your valuables in the boot of the vehicle, we learnt our lessons today, three of our friends Ather vehicles were robbed in cubbon park parking! Disclaimer:- This video is made to caution the users! please share and spread awareness! #ather450x #ather #atherenergy #awareness #bike"


This will create awareness both ways. :persevere:


Thanks, I saw it. :+1:t2: Now, we all have to be careful. They pulled up from the side. Prevention is better than cure.


I do not understand the statement from the Ather team if the seat is faulty then why are they not replacing it for free? There might be customers who place valuables in boot and thats point of buying a scooter right for ^boot space^ if that’s not secure company needs to take responsibility of it. I am hoping Ather listens to its customers and solves the issue


nobody knows even if the new seat is gonna solve the theft problem. but I have felt they are more comfortable than the older gen.

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The boot theft video is also on youtube youtube(dot)com/shorts/jnPdP7OW-88?feature=share

Where did you get the 7000 value from? Last time when I checked, I was told the new seat price is 3280 rupees including fitment and GST.

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Hi @abhishek.balaji

As far as I know, you are the forum moderator. With this kind of a safety issue in the vehicle, what’s your thoughts about it, and how would you like to fix this ? Please let us know.


@abhishek.balaji can you take a look at this ?

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I came across this discussion a little too late, lost my helmet, I think Ather knew the fault and came up with an excuse of a new seat

Thanks for sharing it.


This would have happened in the initial days. But bow they are racking more orders than they could fulfill. So the attitude has changed


Very good question @Devi , the same thought crossed my mind this morning. This should be transparently listed across state and across the country. Made in India should be a matter of pride not just for the Board at Ather but also the owners. The owners are an equal stakeholder and there has to be good corporate governance in this regard.



Hi @rohanrkt.tonpe4 sorry to hear about this.

Did someone manage to take a video of the culprits? Is there any CCTV footage in the area ? Have you lodged a police complaint not just with the local police but also the Head of that State.

With Ather , please find the contact of Tarun Sir and speak with him.

And thank you :pray: for warning everyone. My Ather is relatively young just Feb-23 and I had no idea that the boot can be opened just like that.

My biggest fault is that I leave my handbag in there. Now because of your post and despite your loss , at least the warning will ensure that others do not lose their valuables including me also.

Yes design flaw is a big issue and generally these are rectified free of cost when a secure seat / boot version is launched.

Owners need to be protected collectively to make Ather world famous. And in order to do so, it starts right here on home ground.

No place for arrogance by the showroom or anyone for that matter.

Which state are you in ?

I am in Mumbai.


Yes totally agreed

But prior to consumer forum the change needs to take place by the Ather Board themselves.

They are accountable under Corporate Governance to all Ather Owners.

There must be some access to Tarun Sir and/ or Board Members @rahulsingla5000