Portable charger usage

Hey fellow 450x owners , Have anyone used portable chargers? ,if so does it charge the same way ( time , efficiency ) as the ather dot . And if I can opt in for portable chargers it has the same functions as the ather dot right ? Apart from the fact Ather dot is a much fancier dock .

The charging speeds are similar. Dot surely looks fancy and interesting.

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I have both DOT and portable charger. Both charge the vehicle at same speed. In fact if you look closely PC is strip down version of DOT.

Not functionally same. PC can charge any gen2 or higher Ather vehicle. But DOT will charge only your vehicle. So theft of DOT renders it unusable for the one who stole it unless he stole for reverse engineering purpose! :wink: But portable charger has convenience for you to take it along in longer rides and share it with other Ather owners!

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That’s correct, the portable charger and the Dot are the same functionality wise. They charge at the same speed as well. The Dot has an extra shell on top to make it water-resistant, which allows you to install it outdoors without worrying about occasional splashes of water hitting it.

With the portable charger, you’ll need to ensure that it’s not exposed to rains.

The Dot is mapped to your scooter and would not charge other vehicles. If you have a friend or family who’d like to use your Dot, you can reach out to customer support to get their scooter mapped to the Dot as well. The portable charger is not mapped to any particular scooter, so it can be used by anyone with an Ather scooter.

Dot is the one to go for if your commutes are predictable and within the city limits, so you can simply park your scooter and charge at night. Portable charger is a great option if you feel you’ll frequently charge outside of your home such as your office.

You can also check out the FAQs on the website for more info on making this decision. https://www.atherenergy.com/faq/vehicle/charging


Thank you so much sir , brief and precise ! So while purchase if i choose either one of them it’s free of cost I believe .

Thank you Abishek , well I’m going to use the vehicle in thanjavur , so I think should go with Portable chargers even though if my max return distance is 75 km I wouldn’t risk it , thanks for your quick response .

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Yes if you choose either ONE at the time of purchase no extra cost, but if you choose both then you will have to pay additional cost of Rs.10500 (current price)

overnight charging is not recommended for APC.

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Both are the same electrically. The dot just has an external shell which makes it resistant to rains and can be mapped to a scooter. The portable charger should not be used in places where there’s a risk of water splashes, and can be used with any Ather scooter.

Have updated the same to our social media team as well, thanks for flagging this!

If Dot & portable are same then why difference of warranty?

Can I use apc daily turned on for overnight charging? Because of issue in app(incorrect time of full time charging completion) can’t exactly turn off charger switch. Need to wait till notification of charge completion in app.

Sure yes, I’ve already clarified this above, just ensure it’s in a clean dry location.

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