Petition to give extended warranty on the scooter

I wanted to bring up an important topic that has been on my mind lately.

Ather is not currently offering an extended warranty option for 450X, especially on crucial components such as the motor, charger, and head unit. This is something that has been bothering me, especially when I see other players in the market, like Ola Electric, offering comprehensive extended warranties covering these essential parts of their scooters. Extended warranties on scooters gives us that extra peace of mind. Their coverage on the battery, motor, charger, and head unit ensures that we are protected from unexpected repair costs, and it’s an added incentive to choose their products. This will also give better resale value for our scooter (Comprehensive plan from Ola Costs 4000 covers everything for 5 years or 60,000km)

I’ve recently also noticed a new player in the electric scooter market called River Electric. They are offering an impressive 5-year warranty on both the motor and the battery. This is a significant step in the right direction and shows their confidence in the durability of their products.

Now, here’s my concern: while the warranty on the battery is undoubtedly important, it’s equally crucial to consider the warranty on the motor, especially when you look at the market price of Ather’s motor, which is around 40,000 INR. Providing extended coverage on the motor would be a substantial benefit for Ather 450X owners and a strong selling point for potential buyers.

Additionally, many of us have been eagerly waiting for Ather to bring back the service subscription option. This would not only enhance the overall experience of owning an Ather scooter but also assure us of regular maintenance and support from the company.

Let’s keep this conversation alive and constructive.


Guess people are happy with 3 years warranty on there vehicle. Unfortunately replacing cost of motor and head unit will be enough to buy an new ICE scooter


Ather parts are do dam expensive its almost as if I own a 650 ninja :skull: with out the service plan


Out of warranty repair is like selling kidneys.


My start switch broke due to my error and costed me rs 500 to replace, while i went to service my activa i asked them the price of start switch they told its rs 80 to replace :exploding_head: thats how expensive is Ather.


Usually all 2W company comes up with AMC which is affordable. Ather comes up with excuses.


I wanna know why the heck dose it cost to much nasa se imported ha ? Or dose it have 0 drage full aerodynamic design ha Kiya ?


Any clues about services Coming. Back ?

Asking the same que from last one month…

More people should come out and voice their opinion.

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Isn’t Extended Warranty a paid option for existing owners?

Ather doesn’t have a warrenty extension program on the vehicle. Even if it’s paid that really doesn’t matter when motor cost is 40k

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Yes true within a period of 2 months by vehicle belt was changed n now again some kind of sound is coming from belt, i bought it in June 23. If this will be the case in future it will be costlier the petrol vehicle

Most expensive part in the vehicle will include Battery Head Unit Motor

No insurance covers that. Same goes for engine as well.

My insurance covers everything including the software

Which company?

ICICI they have insurancer on Pro + software also which generally other insurance won’t cover