Petition to give extended warranty on the scooter

Can you please share policy documents in DM?

The whole vehicle as just spare parts without labour would still cost 10-20% more than the purchase price as spares aren’t subsidised like the vehicle was during purchase.

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Agreed it’s the same for other electronics like Phones or TV you buy. Problem here is these TV and phones also get Extended warranty package for 5 years. I am just asking the same extended warranty for 5 years or 60,000km because Ather claims to be a premium brand. Looking at the pricing and marketing they might be using the best in classic items for their vehicles. Why not give extended warranty if you believe in your craft.


True, could be given as an add-on like the battery protect plan. Curiously would also like some transparency regarding the repairability and oem warranty given by the motor manufacturer.

Yes definitely Extended warranty should be given. Also i already paid Amount for Battery Extended warranty to Malad Showroom in March. But still now after multiple follow up with Showroom manager & on Ather Customer service through email NO UPDATE received


The company that initial owned these franchises in Mumbai is slowly dissolving, selling of its stakes to Jubilant and have changed the crm to Andheri try visiting or contacting them asap.


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What is the use of a warranty when you complaint against charging problems not considered by Ather Energy

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Vehicle is covered for 30,000km or 3years

Which ever comes first…

I offer my earnest solidarity with all the Ather vehicle users supportive of this petition.

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