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Being completed 1000km i can say is do not go by range indicator… The range indicator will always depends upon how much you are traveling on a single day… My commute is just 20km… And even if i fully charge the range it shows is 54 at max… But it doesnt mean it will give only 55… We had discussed the same in open session… I think @rajeshkav and others would remember… The new OTA should provide a stable range and many people getting 90 and 80 kms as range may panic once the stable range update comes up… And further try to avoid tyre marks on the panels it will not go even on washing…


@Shreyas i have my queries to be answered… My issue of noise when vehicle runs over any pothole or a bump or speed breaker is not rectified… I have been requesting the same from my first service… You people been telling me the issue is rectified and it still persists and im fed up requesting for the same… And its been almost two months and my smart card is not received yet… I need to submit the same to my bank… Kindly look into it please…

Great list of pros n cons

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:+1::+1: Great list of observation

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Hi Owners,

@rajeshkav, @Abhishek, @upendra410

(Moving the discussion to a more suitable thread)
A lot of you have asked this question. We will get the owner’s manual updated for this and also get this added to the delivery brief.

The following is the recommended spec for tyre pressure on the 450:

Single: 30 F / 28 R

Duals: 30 F / 32 R



sir well

Hi shreyas,
There is a small correction.

Single: 28 F / 30 R

Hey @sandeepnvp,

No. The front tyre pressure is higher, owing to the weight distribution of the vehicle.


This is a well detailed points.
Really great that u r taking time and getting valuable points for all of us.

One a lighter note.

Break lock.

I remembered during my Childhood days my Dad would use a metal Bangle and fix on the Brake and the handle.

That was really effective!! :slight_smile:

May be till Ather come up with solution

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bangle replaced by band now


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Hello sir, seeing your review I’m thinking lease is better option… in another 2 years if they release another model with all this issues addressed :thinking:?

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Yes, it worked today. Solenoid disengages when I turn on the key and I have to observe (hear)‘disengage’ sound.

When the power is present, when I turn on the key I see a dash screen message (when the nozzle is still present)

When the power is absent, this screen will not be shown, guess the sound is the only way to know the disengagement.

Guess what a special surprise I got today. Ather team called and told me that they need my bank account details because they wanted to refund some 3K to me as they found out that the actual length of cable used for my installation was lesser then they calculated during the assessment :slight_smile: Can;t even think if there is any other business in India who would be this professional and honest.
This surely adds to the joy of getting my delivery tomorrow. Thank you Team Ather for being so professional and discerning :raised_hands:. Please keep it up.


Well written review

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Hi Rajesh!

Great summary of all your observations. It’s not very easy to ride 200 km in the first 4 days, and to notice such small details in this short amount of time. Really commendable.

Some of the points you have mentioned have come up in discussion on the forum previously, and as you pointed out that feedback has been recorded, and some already implemented. I will go over some improvements we are making in the vehicle on some of the suggestions mentioned in your post.

The direction(level) of the headlight can be adjusted to ensure it is illuminating the correct path. Will request the service team to check out your vehicle and adjust it to your requirement.

This is something we have worked on. You will be soon able to reduce intensity further than the lowest possible currently. (The dark mode will come in later though)

We have been working on to improve when the fan turns on and off. It does depend on the motor temperature.
Also, the fan that turns on during charging is not the motor fan, instead is the charger fan that cools down the charger. We have been working on improving the algorithm to limit it being turned on only when necessary. (This will improve over time)

Manual trip meters will come in. This is something I’ve shared earlier, on one of Abhishek’s posts.

Same goes for this.

Again, same for this. (Maybe not %, but at least Regen indicator)

Under works

Some improvements coming in the next update, some over time :slight_smile:

Under works

Under works.

We had explored this option. There were multiple reasons why we did not take a call to do this. Will discuss them in detail at a later point.

The direction of the air nozzle directly depends on the placement of the disc brake. Since the disc brakes are placed on opposite sides on the wheels, the nozzles need to be placed accordingly as well. The discs run hot and have the potential to cause burns if placed on the same side as the nozzle.

We do have an assisted GPS system, which always has a GPS device built into it. I’m not sure why would a standalone GPS be better than an assisted GPS. Could you explain the reason for this?

The next few updates, spread over this year should bring in some exiting features to your vehicle. Some are already being tested and some in development as we speak.

There are also a lot many things we have taken as feedback to be implemented on the vehicle in the future, as this version cannot be updated with all those features (Mostly requiring a design change/hardware change).

Look forward to you sharing more interesting and educating insights over the course of your ownership journey.



Hi @Shreyas could you please tell us how many scooters Ather team is manufacturing per day? and what is your target in coming days?


While above all are good to have improvements these will not stop you from enjoying the performance which am more excited about - am sure @rajeshkav will agree with this as well…

however would like to share my exp in regards to A-GPS
@Shreyas i had a mobile quite some time back (Lenovo vibe p1m) which is equipped with A-GPS - before i made a purchase i was of opinion that this can be much better than stand alone - as it considers data from network as well to determine location accurately…
but in real time experience this is one of the pain i experience first hand when i purchased the mobile - your location is never accurate and latency is obvious - it prioritizes data received from cellular network to update the location where as in the case of stand alone GPS this is always live and accurate - just that you need some satellites above - which there are many these days to serve you - ISRO added more

in short A-GPS latency is more when compared to GPS

u can observe this on 450 dashboard as well

when you divert from a route on navigation it still assumes you are continuing in the same route for quite some time and when it realizes data from satellite isn’t matching then makes the correction asking your permission!!

Also when there is no network or in any rural area where connectivity and importantly network nodes are not available for the area you are in - observed A-GPS will struggle to update the location as it keeps on trying to get data from network…

just an observation…


also @Shreyas since we had mention of maps above

would like to add a point/feature

can we make Maps on dashboard zoom-out when speed is more than 30kmph so that we can be aware of next turn, curve also our destination and it shouldn’t be a surprise when you are doing 60 kmph (similar to google maps)

Just for reference my flight video


For @Abhishek @rajeshkav and others who are now riding Ather scooter.

I am hearing rubbing sound during the low speeds. But as the speed increases this rubbing sound vanishes.

Is it ok?