Our family just got bigger! | Ather Rizta

Hey folks!

A new member will join our family soon. And we’ve definitely not named it ‘Diesel’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at the all-new Ather ‘Rizta’ because…


Now this was a bomb news I was not expecting for atleast a month.


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Aah familia and dom toretto now that makes sense why it was code named diesel

Diesel = dominic toretto = family = rizta(rishtha)


well after seeing that ad this song came into my mind


Does this mean Community Day 2024 is 6 months away? That’s a long time to wait to know if my Gen 3 is really EOL or not :sob:

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6 kiyu Bhai I was expecting it to be Feb mid to end

It somewhat looks like the IQube. Somewhat bulky like the usual Electric scooters.

Delivery is 6 months away. I am expecting the Ather Community Day Celebrations (ACDC) to be around March or April.

PS. Marketing and the Creative team as ALWAYS :fire::100::saluting_face:



I wonder why then the ultrasound report says PRoJecT Diesel?:grin:

Or wait…does PRJT mean PR Joke Title? :rofl:

Frequency 450Hz means it’s based on the same 450 platform!

CRL ( crown rump length) of 632cm is misleading becausethe current Ather is 190cm no scooter can be 632cm. I wonder what it is.

42wk5d must be the age and it’s been developed since that much time probably


42 weeks and 5 days is a reference to the usual duration of pregnancy. Looks like they have hid the easter eggs pretty well this time…


If It is Same Motor as 450 line Up

No Existing Atherite will even Buy it

We want atleast 13-14 kW Motor and 4+ kW Battery

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Well, finally it’s unveiled. Could have never guessed Rizta as the name but kudos to the team for thinking outside the box. I feel 6 months is a really long wait bcz they definitely need more sales as recently in last 2 months, 2 of the showrooms in Mumbai got shut and one of them within 9 months.

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Well, 6 months is a long time but i think the 4 kWh battery has been breached and no expecting anything below 2.5 lakhs

What Rizta should have:

  • Lower, Flatter and wider seat. Height adjustable if it’s not too much.
  • ERSW modes at the minimum - all the family members are different.
  • New platform that can accommodate bigger Batteries.
  • 150 kms range - the whole family has to use it after all.
  • Faster home charger option if 150km range in unachievable for the ghisa piTa platform.
  • Less lean angle of the stand so that grocery kept on the floor board doesn’t fall off. Centre stand if that’s not too much to ask for.

What I expect will happen:

  • Flatter wider seat
  • Slightly bigger boot
  • ERS modes only
  • 110kms range
  • Same slow charger
  • Same stand
  • Nice ads around “Rishta” theme
  • Community day becomes Family day

well they have redesigned the old charger, just new looks. no improvement under it.

that worries me a lot. the existing 450 already gives me a lot of pain just to put it out of it’s stand. and now if rishta, I mean rizta gives the same thing I would need to buy additional insurance in case my back requires surgery.


Athers adoption has pretty much completely stopped in my town,there are no 450s and Gen4 450x as those people heard from hundreds of gen 3 owners what nightmare service camp is (they messed up many thing on my gen 450x when i went for 5k kms service)

Ather shloud focus on expanding service network which will boost peoples confindence in ownership.


And reduced services cost

Let them charge a little premium provided the service is satisfactory at the least


Agreed 100% Tbh service cost is not bad but the parts :part_alternation_mark:

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