OTA Wants - Feature requests

@abhishek.balaji considering that 450X uses only single jio network vehicle should also have wifi feature to connect with our mobile phone hotspot in case where jio fails

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In my opinion Ather should focus only on their Sw part and leave the connectivity options to users by enabling integration with all operators supporting esim and also allow Wifi. In this way users can subscribe to there preffered operators for connectivity needs since the network coverage varies

Also on sw update subscription it will than be more transparent for Ather to only charge for updates they are providing…

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Can we have dancing lights feature like Tesla has dancing doors? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Even though there are a lot of critical things that have to be debugged and implemented, this one will be fun!

I can neither confirm nor deny the software team trying this out for fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I think in Kochi we are using VI.

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We need a mobile app feature where we can see the battery graph for 7 days to track the battery drain just like the ones we have on smartphones.


I was out buying a few groceries today and the main road in my area has parking on odd days on one side and even on the other, so came to thinking, like the time that’s displayed on the dashboard, can Ather display the date and day too?


Don’t give me hope


What about keyless start with Bluetooth of phone? Wouldn’t that be cool?


There should be option Find My Bike. If we click a button on ather app the indicators and horn should be flashed. It will be used in parking lots where GPS don’t work.


It will be cool. But, the consequences are more…

Imagine a bug which is similar to Screen turning ON… which turns on the bike…

Imagine we or our kids turn it on when they play around with phone, and we will realize too late.

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