OTA Wants - Feature requests

OTAs from September 2018 - March 2021:

It is close to 2 years since I got my Ather 450. I separated the list into Fixes vs New Features:

That’s a decent list and we enjoyed the possibilities of OTA. If TVS or Bajaj has given these, they have over-delivered. But, for Ather owners, we deserve more :wink:

To be honest, there was lot of hype and expectations on the OTAs during the initial months. But, as time passed, we all had to accept the fact that new features are long and far between.

It is not about feasibility. Because, many requests posted here are very much doable and some are simple. But, I feel Ather chose not to focus their efforts much here.

Major misses which were pending for long long time:

  • Stronger / Custom Regen
  • Battery % during Navigation
  • Regen Indicator
  • Hazard Light
  • Traffic Status on Navigation
  • Custom Charging thresholds
  • Fix lag in turns on Road vs Map
  • Battery Health
  • Real-time Efficiency
  • Improve Charge loss during Idle & Shut-down
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Rider Profiles
  • Temperature
  • Trip Efficiency for Current Ride

To give a perspective, in these 2 years, @abhishek.balaji has transformed from Prospective Owner -> Ather Owner -> Ather Community Manager :slight_smile:


You missed “Customer Support for a few days every time after an OTA is rolled out” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Honestly, even letting us see the Wh/Km while riding is an easy thing to implement and it would help a lot to monitor efficiency since a real-time efficiency graph or indication probably isn’t going to happen

I remember someone from the ather team saying that they were very close to doing this. And this was in the last owners meet. Pre covid in Bangalore. Over a year ago.


If Ather wanted to do it, they can really do it. Ather admits Manufacturing is hard and Scaling is even harder.

These OTAs are simpler when you compare against what they have pulled off in scaling in last 1 year.

One OTA update every Quarter with 3 features is reasonable expectation. (Please do not count Fix, Fix for Fix and Fix for Fix for Fix in this count)

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Fair point, we’re working on a roadmap to get some visibility into what updates 450 owners will be getting in the next few months.

Oh btw, also upgraded to the 450X :grimacing:


Sold your ather 450 :sweat_smile:?

Yep! 2 years old, 11k kms at 90k


Well, I did not know about the X. You got a pretty decent deal :slight_smile:

For the roadmap, please pick the features which are already requested. Many feature requests are model agnostic, not just for Ather 450.

You could create a poll and prioritise based on the votes… If you guys are thinking of a feature that’s not listed here, include that in the poll as well.


Yes, I vote for it :+1:t3:

It would be great if the motor’s temperature is shown on dashboard in real-time.

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