OTA Wants - Feature requests

@Abhishek. I saw this contraption on AliExpress. Do you think this would help as a jugaad during your long trips until Ather comes out with an OTA for this?

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yes it will
and i looked for it when i started my rides
but i somehow ended up with pipe clamp
for now i sorted it with


My wish list for future enhancement/evolution of Ather 450

  1. Self balancing (Gyro or three wheels) for ultimate rider safety
  2. Ability to fit a rear luggage carrier
  3. Large 14 inch wheel
  4. Ability to connect with mParivahan for real time vehicle information
  5. Additional body colours

Self balancing? I want the next one to have autopilot.


Next features. Apple watch app to display % charge and km range.


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Good points.

From my views,

  1. Need a proper analog speedo / odo / range / regen dial like in this image

  2. I would specially underline the Regen W / kW indication like in Tesla, where the energy pumped back is shown.!

  3. Also if possible, need 3 modes from Ather to set Regen levels Low / Medium / Hard which would mean the strength of deceleration kicking in and regen energy back into Battery.

  4. Also that charming dotted line can be used for showing top speed limit on Eco/Ride/Sport mode.

I would love to manually keep strong regen setting in city and light regen settings in long empty roads.



LOL three wheels it doesn’t need self balance, apart from that it’s called Auto :stuck_out_tongue:

Dashboard Processor Update:

Every Ather owner would had experienced the freezing of the dashboard at least once while using.
Apart from that the screen is way too laggy in map mode and not snappy like a smartphone.
Even low end 10k smartphones display are super snappy and responsive.

So the processor used for the Ather dashboard should be upgraded to a proper one to make the screen snappy and much responsive to avoid any frequent errors like screen freezing !!


I was typing in and then saw this.

Ather app should be available for the wearOS and iWatch.
Future: it can have a locate scooter option that will flash indicators and sound the horn if needed?

I was referring to the above design, they are very safe. I saw them in Paris.


Need map view in ride statistics on last 10 rides (in mobile app).
Once clicking any ride it should show the map view.

Presently it only shows the from & to address and stats, which looks bad and not useful.

The fancy map, speed, blown out 3d diagram while we take test ride is nice, but what we need is that feature on everyday usage of Ather, and not just as a prototype.


I hope Ather over the air updates are properly scanned for malware. I do not want to be held captive in the middle of the Bangalore road on my scooter and being asked to transfer bitcoins to an anonymous account to release energy from the battery to the motor. :wink:


One feature that I would find very helpful, and should be pretty easy to implement, is profiles.

I share my Ather with a family member, and we both like having the smart features from the app, so we have a common password for the Ather account, and we both use the app.

However, there is no privacy if we are not using incognito mode. Having navigation on the dashboard is very nice, and it seems like a waste to not have navigation when using incognito for the sake of privacy.

I would suggest two options:

  1. Allow navigation on the Ather even in incognito mode, just don’t record the trip on the app.

  2. Have the ability to use profiles with a pin code or something, and each profile can only access it’s own ride statistics.

I would assume the 1st one is the easiest to implement. I would personally find it very helpful to still have navigation in incognito mode.

Additionally, the ability to delete a recent ride (if one forgot to engage incognito mode) would be very helpful too.


I think rider profiles is a must have especially with Pin number would be great !!
Ride statistics have no privacy at present day.


Need that remote shutdown option soon… I was out of town for abt 8.5 days and I forgot to shutdown. I lost 37kms- it’s 0 now. That’s almost 5kms a day which seems to be above average? I wonder if I would have lost more if I had more😕

Also what’s the latest on the major navigation update that was initially planned with eco mode? It was supposed to be released within a few weeks after the eco mode. It’s nearly 2.5 months now.


Frankly speaking, I don’t want any new feature, definitely not the feature of shutdown, till the BMS issue is solved.

Navigation and many others are yet to make it…remember Dark mode anyone?


Sadly on the updates front, it has lately become a case of under deliver and over promise. The forum used to have regular and interesting discussions about ‘upcoming’ and suggested features. Not the case anymore. Ppl seem to have realised most of it isn’t happening anytime soon. There is no roadmap to what features are being prioritized or suggest a rough estimate on when certain important features are expected to come.

It’s a bit disappointing. Lately it’s been a lot about upcoming deliveries and timelines and much less about what existing owners can expect in the near future.


Dark mode for some reason is not the priority of ather, whereas almost all owners have expressed the need for it. The vehicle itself is great but on the software front it’s still lacking quite a bit and team ather is yet to pull up.


does this mirror setting help?
i find stock mirror setting of no use at all (less than 50% visibility)