One for the true collectors!

Hey @450X-Pre-Orders ,

There is a collector in all of us, (okay maybe just some of us :p) For some it might have started off with a few old coins or stamps lying around the house, or a hot wheels car as your 10th birthday gift. Perhaps you were trading and collecting Pokemon cards, or the Beyblades, or vinyl records? There are a few among us, who persevered and grew those collections over the years and collected some really cool and unique pieces all along the way.

Our collector’s edition for the Ather 450X is not so different, it appeals to the enthusiasts who want a special slice of the Ather 450X experience, an exclusive limited-edition version, which the rest of the world won’t be able to get their hands on.

Our passion and enthusiasm for the Collector’s Edition started internally at Ather. We asked a few of our folks at Ather if they had collections and what made them special. Here’s some of what they shared with us.

Bernard Nishan

“I loved cars when I was 2 years old, and I love cars when I am 26!”

Bernard is one of our Customer Service Executives, and many of you might have interacted with him if you reached out to our team anytime. His collection of scale models of cars looks amazing, and you can spend hours staring at the incredible detail in these models.

Karthik Yermunja

“I take my music seriously and collecting physical formats of the music I love comes naturally to me. “

Karthik works in our Business Tools team, where he works on solutions that keep the business aspects chugging along smoothly. Karthik has a collection of Original Vinyls and CDs, which for some of the younger folks here, vinyl are like large CDs.

Keval Doshi

Keval works with our Business Tools team, and his collection gives a hint into his wide range of interests and passions. Right from unique stamps, to pokemon cards it’s impressive that he’s managed to keep these for so many years.

Nischal Masand

Chacha Chaudhary comics have a special space in my childhood. I didn’t like to travel back in the day, so as a bribe I used to get 1 comic at the bus stand whenever we used to travel and every night my father used to read me 1 chapter. So it made traveling gratifying for me. My father had a transferrable job, so one time while moving cities I lost my whole collection of about 40-45 comics. Then just last year I found few and only diamond comics at blossoms and I brought them back home :slight_smile:

Nischal is our interaction designer and is the face behind the clean and beautiful pages that you see at Nishcal has shared a photo of what appears to be one of the early editions of Chacha Chaudary!

Tej Vohra

Grammophone Records: The records represent hardcopy of the history of music and music tech and emotions associated with it. Most of my records were lent to me by people who no longer found it useful. But they have fond memories associated with their elders enjoying them. Whenever guests are at home, I don’t miss a chance to demonstrate a part of my collection

Stamps: They are a unique insight into a country. You have stamps covering places, events, people, animals, national treasures, and whatnot. Each stamp collection is a study of the country/era

Tej is part of our Program Management team and works on ensuring that all teams work together, to get software delivered to you, that is tested and on-time. While he brags about multiple collections of coins, currency notes, vinyl, and stamps, here’s a small sneak peek into his stamp and vinyl collection.

Jashan Mahadevu

Jashan is part of our team which focuses on testing electrical and electronic systems at Ather. His impressive collection of scale models of cars is incredible, and even categorized by color!

The Collector’s edition reminded us of all the collections we had stocked up at some point. We started this internally and then felt our community would be no different, with similar interests and passions. And if this finds a lot of takers we could even turn this into a collectibles exchange or barter system :wink: Why not?


Amazing :heart_eyes: collections

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Cool collections… But… but…I really really thought this as a reveal


Awesome! So this is another collection to start! I wonder what it will be that we can collect and exchange, while owning the 450x! Hope it is not a set of scooters… :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty sure there’s some easter egg in one of the photos posted above :wink:


… And deeper goes is mysteries!

I mean, come on, just look at the photos posted above especially the last set of photos

The first photo in the last set of photos is quite similar to the grey & yellow 450x. I’m guessing the inspiration for the collector edition is found somewhere in the last set of photos :thinking:


Man! I have to really test my eyes! I hope the collectors edition reveal will happen before all conspiracy theory mayhem breaks loose… again. :joy::joy:

Now this got me excited. C’mon guys don’t make us wait anymore. :roll_eyes:

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Hot Wheels!!! Pokemon cards!!! This is the AtherXperience :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Picking on all our weak spots. This might result in chronic insomonia for some… :sweat_smile:

The team should consider this word.


@abhishek.balaji - you had a good idea about collector’s edition kept telling “Soon”. How does it feel being a collector of our collective anger? :wink:

Jokes aside, this marks the start of a series of post leading to unveil!! Makes it exciting at the same time makes us sleepless. Had no collections since childhood and the only thing that I am ready to barter now is, money for the 450X. Can’t stop thinking of riding one back home. Do it soon or you will see me creepily stalking Ather Space in Chennai!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just two words for this - paap lagega​:rofl::rofl:

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Wasn’t there hot wheels which changed colours whenever you put hot water on them? If collector’s edition is like that… That would be amazing! :heart_eyes:

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Maybe for next collectors edition

This probably fits into the vehicle intelligence topic, but it gives me an idea of “rain mode” which activates automatically during rains

Haha. Same Peeling…(vadivelu style)

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I used to be obsessed with Tazos! :smiley: And still have my collection!

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Time to take photos and share it here!