Ola Move OS 4.0

Ola is moving forward with their OS updates and bringing up new features and UI. Meanwhile we with an old android tablet UI on our scooters. :joy: Even though i hate ola scooters, i appreciate their work on their software features. Also we are paying subscription amount for their software development in the name of Ather connect.


I want coasting regen and more themes thats all else is just cherry on top but surprised Ather hasnt added geo fencing.


I’m also looking for geo fencing and profile locking.


Heey using Ather 450x 2nd gen from 2 yrs completed 21k love the vehicle and I am using the advance ride report it’s really good but coming to atherstack 6.0 we must get

  1. speaker where we can play songs or take calls( like ola😂) I am thinking this is possible because the sounds of indicator also come I think this should be there
  2. I think we can expect the whatsaap notification
  3. The feature of find my phone same should be of find my vehicle :joy::joy: like the indicators should blink if it’s activated as I live in Bangalore if I park in my college should find where I have parked like there are 8 to 10 in colleges so this would be a nice upgrade What do u guys think :thinking:

See Lokesh, Ola is also Using Android Auto

With New Different Skins You cant afford Reliability and Satisfaction

I have Taken my Ather 450x Gen 2 from Coimbatore to Delhi

I bet You cant even Take an Ola from Coimbatore to Bangalore

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It’s not that PPL haven’t u just have to look for it to find itt


Yes Arun bro, I agree with your point nga Ather is more reliable than OLA. All i ask is some kind of UI update like the older UI. And more optimising done on the OS. Ather can release many feature updates but their marketing strategy is holding them back.


It’s not the marketing team it’s the hOmOlOgatiOn that’s holding em back… Warna sab chhange rahte


I agree with you Loke

But Hardware isnt supportive for Such a Stuff

I think They want small small Features as New Big Update and Paid Automotive Journalists Review without Knowledge

(This will be Flagged and Taken down for Sure)

Ola being ola :joy: I really hope we have something crazy at our community day


WTH, so many features and increased range ooooooooof :moyai:

Just remember from where ola started and now where it is.

So much catching fire, so much breaking of fork, so much sudden range drop and sudden stops.

And here it is learning from mistakes and delivering better everytime. No more fire no more fork breaking. Delivering every update to its predecessor.

And then there’s our Ather. Same design, same range, charging higher price, not giving any update to predecessor.

We’re gonna see the live story of the Hare and Tortoise once again.


OLA hardware and software team feel like completely different companies,one is pinnacle of UX and FOTA improvement for a indian brand and other feels like college project


Even Now They have Number of Issues

Check X App

And Ather doesn’t have issues?

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Ola had 15 issues, they may now have 5 issue.

Ather had 3 issues, they now have much more than that.


I’m hoping Ather will add cruise control. This is must needed. Who all agree!


It’s no more Ather stack 6.0 like it used to be it’s more like Ather is Stuck 6.0 With more unfinished projects and undecided features and compatibility…

hopefully of upcoming Ather stack 7 should be good

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Am sorry to say but it needs a physical switch due to rules and what not so it’s not coming to 450x But maybe it will come in family scooter onwards

So true Each gen had an impact on performance and fixes Recently I took a test drive of ola S1 gen 2 am surprised by the response it’s cool to see those

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