Ola Electric Scooter aka Etergo AppScooter

Actually, the latest reports unfortunately state otherwise :frowning_face:


How this guy got hands on the test unit of Ola S1/S1 pro while the company is very closely monitoring/ testing their units! Or is it that Ola has officially allowed him for the test drive?

Here is the link to the video


I invite some gyan givers to put light on horizontal suspension in Indian road conditions, as they were telling that Ola has not been tested on Indian road conditions. Ola is so fool that they have invested and launched without testing on Indian Roads.

Gyani Bros pls enlighten.


Nice to see a real review atleast now. Seeing the video I felt probably he sneekily borrowed it from some Ola person and reviewed it in a hurry.

The roads he rode on were not the best of the roads to get a feel of the scooter. And because he has shot everything at night, I could hardly see anything clearly.

But one thing it did help in was to show the headlight. It’s beautiful to look at but that light throw is unique! I don’t know how good it is in real but here atleast here it looked inadequate. If Ola is indeed trying to gather some last minute feedback, throgh this, I hope they improve that light.


From what I saw in the video, it seems to be much better than the Ather’s headlight. Because the assembly site higher on the scooter, the light is thrown further and the entire thing is angles in a way where all the output is projected on the road, unlike the Ather headlight. Also because this is an actual headlight, and not a chestlight, the beam will steer with the scooter when turns are being made.

The potential issue here is that the hotspot is so bright that it dominates the field of vision of the rider and blinds one to anything outside it. A proper high beam demo and comparison with low beam would be nice.


Exactly my thoughts. In very dark roads, this can be a safety issue if you can’t see outside the periphery of the beam, especially on the one he was driving on.

On a side note, I can already see owners fitting aux lamps on the mirror stalks :slight_smile:


The spread seems alright, and the near side dark spot shouldn’t be much trouble. It’s the darkness on yhe far side of the beam that might be a problem if the high beam isn’t designed to break it up. We’ll have to wait and watch for that. In every other way, this lighting solution is clearly superior.

Assuming they find a conveniently located power source.


Ola has raised another $200 million (~Rs 1,500 crores) at a valuation of $5 billion (Rs 37,653 crores).

The company previously raised $600 million including $200 million which was announced on September 30. This also included USD 100 million debt from Bank of Baroda that was announced in July.



Here it is! Thoughts on the headlight from the man himself…


The test rides of Ola has been moved to October 25th from the earlier date of October15th.

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Yeah, and apparently done silently without any official announcement? Lot of angry comments filling up their Twitter posts now…


One thing I learned from endless waiting for decent EVs is, we need to be very very patient about the timelines. In fact, the best way to deal with these delays is just to forget and stop looking for daily updates. Delays are the most painful and common experience in the EV market. It’s happening with each and every EV model.

  • It took Ather 2 years to reach outside Bangalore and Chennai and when they finally launched in other cities, its price increased by ~50% for minor improvements. The less we talk about the charging grid expansion and never working so-called smart features, the better.

  • Chetak was also available in just 2 cities for almost 2 years. When they started finally expanding, the price went up by 40 to 50% that too despite the subsidy increase.

  • TVS also took 1.5 years to expand availability outside Bangalore. At least they did not increase the price like others but we have to buy the charger separately.

  • Ola announced that they will complete the first phase in just 3-4 months and start deliveries after summer. Anyone with simple knowledge can easily tell that it was never possible to hit those timelines. But by this time, I became an expert at this waiting game and started ignoring them altogether.

I mean what can I do if they delay the test rides by a week or deliveries by a month? If I have decent options at similar prices, I would go and buy one of those instead of waiting.

People always overestimate the short-term possibilities and underestimate the long-term possibilities.


Very true! And who better to confirm this than Ather owners :yum:

Now the masses too will realise that as far as EVs are concerned, the first announced timelines for anything new are just placeholders at best :joy:

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Add Ultraviolette F77 to that list too. It sucks to keep waiting…!


What seems to be a better option. ola s1 pro or ather 450x. I got a booking for ola for Jan but by then Maharashtra EV subsidy will be reduced by 15000. So if I get ather now it’s 1.3L and Ola will cost in me Jan about 1.35L or 1.4L For me personally, ola company comes as a bit shady. I really like ather as a company but I am not going to buy an inferior product.

  • Ola
  • Ather

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You are comparing Ola S1 Pro with Ather 450X but the comparison should be between S1 as both 450x and S1 have similar battery capacity.

I think if you are not in a hurry, you should at least wait till test rides are started and decide after riding both Ola and 450x.


Wasn’t the original date sometime in October? :thinking:


While on my way home today, saw three camouflaged Ola scooters. The engineers were on a test run and had stopped for a cup of tea. I stopped and had a brief chat with them.

It seemed tall compared to what I had imagined and about the perfect height. From the pictures, I had expected the seat height to be lower.

The screen is huge and bright enough. Saw some screens but didn’t touch them.

Obviously the engineers didn’t reveal much details. I wanted to see the boot space but he told he can’t show it as there were some confidential equipment inside (logging devices I presume).

I quickly took couple of pictures and when they saw, they objected to it. So i didn’t take more. A small crowd started building up and they quickly rode off.


It still says 25th Oct on their website, is this a notification you got on the ride-booking app?


Apparently, people who booked S1/S1 Pro got this notification via the Ola mobile app on their phone. People have shared screenshots of this notification complaining on Twitter, and Ola too is stating this new date there.

Edit: Weird if their website FAQ is not updated, since on Twitter they are officially sharing the November date itself for all queries.