Ola Electric Scooter aka Etergo AppScooter

So thats a difference from the original etergo scooter then,it was based on a monocoque platform. Tubular is better than the original plastic chasis.

In the future it’s coming is what I heard but as of now we don’t have any

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Uhh, the same applies to an aluminium chassis, or a tubular frame for that matter. Just because you can weld two pieces together doesn’t mean you should.

Chassis damage is a situation where the right tool to use is not a welding machine, but your bumper to bumper insurance policy.

How about Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic then? Should people throw away all their funky lightweight bicycles and hypercars?

People were making similar statements when Lotus decided to build the Elise chassis completely from aluminium. Look where we are now.

I can’t be bothered to look at Etergo’s original design specs, but if they indeed were talking about making a plastic chassis, and IF that plastic was properly specced, what exactly is the problem?


After months of waiting for Ather or Chetak electric to launch in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Finally booked the Ola S1 Pro. I don’t know what will be the build quality of the scooter, but atleast they launched all over India.


I never said that it is not usable or we have to avoid it but definitely durability has to be seen is what I said. Because I dont know about plastic body vehicles.

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It is a moot point in this specific case if Ola decided to make a metal chassis instead.

Again, pretty much every vehicle with a Carbon Fiber tub or frame is basically plastic. There are plenty of structural applications where thousands of grades of engineering plastics besides CFRP are used. Guess the word “plastic” brings up mental images of cheap garbage by default, until you pause and think a little deeper.


I was referring only to plastic monocoque as someone has mentioned in the post that chassis is not a tubular frame. I do know that tubular frames can be welded in event of a damage. Good that we are talking engineering.

Unless you want to run around with a permanently compromised chassis that could fail on you at any time, you won’t attempt to weld a damaged chassis back together.



We have seen the usage of engineered plastics shell body on erstwhile cars like Dolphin and Montana. Only solution was to replace the entire body (single structure) in case of accidental damages. So same is the case with a plastic monocoque chassis. Lets see how durable the engineered plastic is in Ola scooter.


The same is true with a bent / damaged monocoque - irrespective of material - in any vehicle. I myself have run two Honda City chassis damaged card that were welded and / or straightened, and both unstable, unreliable, handled like absolute garbade and ultimately had to he scrapped.

Didn’t Ola do away with the plastic chassis design?

There’s nothing to see.

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Thanks for posting the link to the tweet.

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“Introductory price” means early next year price hike is highly likely!!!

It will be like peak hour pricing in their cab business.

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Announce at a different price and increase it gradually.

Chetak did it in one way. Ola doing it differently,

Both are poor. We can expect more hidden surprises soon.

Well hey I was about to purchase OLA S1 Pro after getting this “last day purchase message”. This being my 1st electric bike/scooter so I am still very reluctant of buying it. Investing over 1.5 lac for something which is not tested on road seems a gamble to me.


“last few” “introductory pricing” “only the first few” all these words give me a feel that people have not booked enough. With nobody to verify the 600cr, I just feel that this is an attempt to rope in a few more buyers buy creating hype.


I still don’t understand their fascination with such marketing gimmicks. This is their first product and they should rather let people experience the product instead of asking for advance payments of substantial amounts. That too before it’s even reviewed by automotive journalists atleast.

If they are really aiming for millions of vehicles a year, then why are they in so much hurry even before the actual release of the vehicle? Sadly, these introductory pricing gimmicks are too common in the automobile industry.


They are surely trying to milk as there isn’t that serious competition in the segment. I was reluctant to book a scooter that I haven’t even ridden once or that hasn’t been tested for some time in the Indian roads and was waiting to book it after seeing the same. To my surprise, even if I book it with 20k today, the earliest I can get is in Feb. I am very doubtful regarding my purchase now, ethics is surely something that gives a company that brand value.

Ather is not so good either but some Indian companies like Tata have a good name due their ethical values and that’s the reason it is highly respected in the auto market. Bhavish will never stop being a businessman and do ethical business.


Its interest free loan which they need to build the mega factory, start sourcing material and start deliveries :grinning: :grinning:

People who are anyway on the line to buy a two wheeler - they would have went ahead and booked it.

Others who were impressed with price & specs and didn’t want to miss the bus later reserved it by 499. 90% of these people would end up buying only after test ride and unable to resist the offer.

These gimmicks are targeted to convert the majority of the 2nd batch now itself :-1: