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in the new update if you can get offline maps that will be very helpful because whenever we are following maps and when we go lower network zone the screen is going to be white and we are stopping our vehicle a side until the maps are loading further.

If we can get a offline maps one the trip started and it can be deleted once the trip ends.

And one more is offline maps for favourite locations,

Favourite locations are where we are frequently visited or want to go like a Ather grid/service center/home /work locations.

If those are added to permanent offline maps that would be really helpful for the Ather explores


The Google API does not allow for the offline map in open Andriod OS. it has been long argued and it is a miss.


but we are using google maps only so there should be a possibility to get it because we can’t put our legs on the always network it may present and it may not.


Google maps had a download option. Which used to work as an offline map.

Please try it out.


You are correct is a download option, but this is a different API that Ather had with Google.

The workaround is to be able to install 3Rd party apps like gmaps or osm.


But how will that work, since the app interface is locked with the screen in Ather.


But the situation here is adressable

All they have to do is, once the user gives destination name…maps load! The system just have to save the route to cache locally till the rider reaches destination.

Once the rider is at destination, thr system can dump the cache for other operations.

Any internet connection fluctuations should not cause any problem.


exactly thanks for understanding bro @spymustaq

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The system already does that, if you add a destination and click on navigate the route is already loaded in the cache and the route is loaded with GPS coordinates but loading the background images is the main issue which in Ather does not load because of limited RAM.


Google maps API does not provide all the features of phone app like offline maps or traffic details, etc. And to understand what exactly Google maps API is, refer to the below thread where @cyberboysumanjay has beutifully explained it with some simple examples.

Understanding Ather’s Navigation System (Google Maps API) and Advanced Navigation Feature Request


Just curious as to why you’d need maps to frequently visited locations like home /work, you’d probably know the route right? unless you’re new to the city. Ather doesn’t have live traffic anyway.


My thought here is: Most of the times, the dashboard looses network but the phone doesn’t. Its time they should enable wifi and let us use hotspot. One can then have the flexibility to use wifi when they are off to a new location and when they depend on navigation.

True… its a gimmick overall because it really doesn’t provide you:

  • live traffic details
  • real time turn by turn details
  • no route for 2 wheelers

Alright, I use maps for:

  • driving to a new location or less visited locations
  • and just for fun (this is important too.:sweat_smile:) & I paid a lot for 450X so hell, give me all the features. Haha

Also, no 2 wheelers route caused me to take flyovers that I shouldn’t and I paid rs. 500 as fine once.


For a cities like Bangalore there several routes and ways, so whereever we are we can go to the locations that are added to favorite

I agree home and office we can,

But what about the options like Ather grid/Ather service center

Let’s take an example you have a urgent work and you are out of battery you can’t charge it with home charger at that time we have to search right for Ather grid, if I marked the Ather grid into my favourite location which is near to me and if that is downloaded to dashboard then no need to get the map from the network everytime right?

What are your thoughts?

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Do they have a WiFi module inside 450X? If the hardware isn’t there, they cannot do anything.


The hardware already has WiFi and in the initial days the many 450x owners used this, Here is the post by @Rahul