Non-Ather Charging solutions

On a recent vacation, I stayed at an Eco Farm in Mysore. The owner of the property is interested in hosting charging points for his guests.

While he maybe happy to set up a free charging point, I wanted to provide options where he can charge users by consumption.

Does anyone have any product recommendations where in a simple 3pin socket can be controlled and monitored for usage?


I can develop one with few sensors

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There are smart plugs available that can be controlled and track usage.

There is a metering standard. Suppliers to the government need to adhere to this. It also has smart metering solutions built in. I beleive this is also commercially available.
You can check the plug in india or electric vehicles channels on youtube One of them had a showcase on a provider.

best you can suggest Electric Vehicle Solar Charging Station option. this is one time investment and no electricity bills.

Mahindra are coming up with a charging grid for the Treo

Magenta Power, a startup supported by HPCL has announced its ambitious plans, to roll-out street lamp integrated EV Charger, ‘ChargeGrid Flare’ by April 2020. This new range of EV charging points, which the company claims to be the first of its kind in India, is incorporated within energy-efficient street lamp columns.

BYD Song Electric Vehicle Spotted Charging Tesla Model S

The latest news shows a Tesla Model S with fully drained battery pack being charged by BYD Song, another electric vehicle, to help the former reach a battery charging station

Running out of batteries is something that all EV users fear. However, a recent incident that took place in China goes on to show that this anxiety can be reduced to a high extent once we have enough electric vehicles plying around.

As per reports, a Tesla Model S whose battery pack had completely run out of juice in China was charged by BYD Song PRO DM, another EV, so that it can have enough juice to reach the nearest charging station. It is being said that the Model S was being used by a lady in a traditional qipao. She pulled over and a while later, a BYD Song PRO DM with dealership plates stopped and offered a charge.

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This just got submitted as a feature request:


Abhishek, Can you please let me know does this charging pin universal kind of structure. If in future any private player comming for 2W charging stations does it support it?

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The Ather charger is proprietary and only Ather can provide the charging equipment to support the 450 and 450x.

Adding to what @raghav.srinivasan said, if private players are setting up 2W charging stations, and they have a 5A or 16A socket in the charging station, you can use a portable charger to charge up. Right no there aren’t EV two wheelers on the road which support fast charging yet, so we’ll have to wait and watch to see which standards they adopt.


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