New Self Record Break - 111.3KMS in Single Charge in WARP MODE - GEN2 Ather 450X


Today did a ride from Alleppey to Kochi related to some work. Surprisingly range test also did again, without pre-plan it happened. I usually use WARP MODE only, as Im addicted to that mode… Usually do ride in 40-45kmph, in case of emergency used to go upto 60kmph (like overtaking, etc).

Started trip from Home at 08:43AM with 100% SOC. After consuming 50% SOC, noticed that total 58KMs covered with 22.1 Wh/Km efficiency.

Later started noticing the range for fun… After 69% SOC, did 79.3KMs with 21.7 Wh/Km efficiency.

After 75% SOC, did 85KMs with 21.6 Wh/Km efficiency.

After 85% SOC, did 96KMs with 21.5 Wh/Km efficiency.

At 89% SOC, completed 100KMs with 21.5 Wh/Km efficiency.

At last with 100% SOC, finished ride at 111.3KMs with 21.3 Wh/Km efficiency.

Later pushed vehicle to nearest Grid (Brite Makers, Thrikkakkara), by the time my vehicle was draining down planned trip to one of the Grid near by.

Herewith sharing the Ride Statistics for reference; Total KMs: 31.3+28+52.1 = 111.4KMS.

@tarun @abhishek.balaji Anticipate an Acknowledgement atleast for people who achive Good Range especially in GEN 2 Ather EVs.

There are many expert rides than me, just sharing my experience with you all.

Note: Ride Secret of mine - Constant Throttling, Using Regen frequently, Slowly raising the ride speed, No Formula1 racing with any riders.


And this is the previous record by none other than HIMSELF


Great… Thanks for sharing… I do 68kms daily… And i have switched to Warp mode only. Normal riding at 42 speed. 50 kms on dial extends to 80+by end of the day… Avg. Efficiency 27 to 28.but after tyre change at Ather Showroom… I feel the resistance downhill. I would normally get upto 64 speed… Now i manage 58 speed… I dont if the belt tension needs to looked into. Sadly we have a dealer in our state and not the Ather Energy Company operating the Experience Centre


@adrian In Kerala also EC been operated by Dealer only. Its upto our riding, we get good range. Use Constant Throttling, Use Regen frequently (After 85% SOC & >20KMPH speed it works), Slowly raise speed of vehicle whenever required (excluding overtaking time). Everyone can achieve good range if we have bit patience…lol. Noticed that many are still using EV in the style of ICE vehicles.

Also maintain proper Tyre Pressue and Belt cleaning and in correct Tension anyone can do good range and comfort ride.


Appreciate that achievement! Could you specify the road conditions and whether there was a lot of uphill and downhill? In my riding conditions, a lot of inclines are there. I doubt my range is hugely affected by pillion and uphills.


Thanks @mohammedfarhxn As mentioned my ride major part was in Highway with bridges included. Overall road was gud, few routes in kochi city was bit damaged with traffic also in the ride. More inclines are there then it will affect range, in such cases we need to depend on Regen while running through declines.


How to get the belt tension correct. Is there any device to check, or is it by touch and feel.


Professional Rider


There is a device that Ec staff uses.


broo can u tell me your exact weight ?


@tarun @abhishek.balaji Consider these People also a Record Breakers :unamused: and Celebrate em on Community Day Events :zap:

I challange Ather Energy Team to do such Records , Its Possible but not Easy :white_check_mark:


Thanks Arun bro for yyour support and love​:+1::two_hearts:


More than Support , Its a Truth Bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Its Possible one but Not Everyones xup of Tea :no_good_man:t2: