New seat

Ola change n solve almost all the problems without taking single rupee but Ather know thier older seat have lots of discomfort but they charged 3200 ₹ , they all are shameless they want money again ,they didn’t bother thier customer . I’m going to consumer court hope you all will plan for this. 3200 is not big deal but this is not justice.


Are you being serious? There’s a difference between being non-functional and uncomfortable. The only thing Ola has changed free of cost is the non-functional front suspension which had become a safety hazard. When did an uncomfortable seat become a safety hazard? Kudos to Ather for atleast making the new seats retro compatible. It would be delusional of you to go to court against this but you do you I guess.


Similar thing happened with my brother. He reached out to customer care multiple times and had also given his 450 for service at Yelahanka service centre where they assured him they would replace the seat if he gave the 3 d seat but they returned vehicle after service citing no stock. Every time we check with customer care or service centre they mention no stock. If Ather didn’t want to give it then why did they announce it in the first place. We both were there at community day.


I have shared the details via DM as asked but still there is no response.

Thank you for sharing your details, Kumar. We have escalated your case with our internal team and will update you aptly. Meanwhile, your patience is appreciated.


Thank you My seat is now changed. :+1:

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Hi! Thank you for your patience and time, we hope our customer support was able to provide you with a positive resolution. Do let us know if you require any further assistance, we will be happy to help you.


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May I know Your ODO Bro??

Just Curious to know the OG 450 Customers ODO

So That I can understand Your Pain

:joy::joy: why u need odo when u alredy know how it feels after 6 km of slow riding Btw how big is the difference btw old seats and newr onces

Yeah I agree, Old Seat had Issue But Now New Seat is Sick and Cool to go 70 KMs Straight W/o Breaks

I think Same Motor :sob: