New model or New again

New year and a New Ather 450x with news flooding in, a new model or Maybe a Maxi scooter from Ather is lauched on 7th of Jan this year, they will announce the new UI too for both 450x gen 3 and gen 2.


They seem to be calling it Gen 3.1 in the website source, and the stars possibly pointing to the new colors?

Screenshot 2023-01-01 172158

Also, there was the Howrah Bridge incident. I’m not sure if it was an official Ather shoot or not, but the crowd control seemed to have not gone well :grimacing: (I can’t seem to link Youtube or post direct videos, so here’s a still from that)

Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. The New UI leak seems interesting.

It’s been exactly a month since I got my 450X Gen 3. Of course there’s the slight regret of not waiting, but these past 1000kms have been thrilling! I couldn’t have enjoyed it more than I have!:zap:

Here’s to another year of expanding the EV Market and pushing the boundaries!


I am expecting a lower end or a similar specs scooter as the circular with all the same specs but with the a change in the battery chemistry was on the internet but there was no activity later. Also, the new colour could be one as in the old TVC’s, the guy is wearing the same thing. Also suspecting merchandise,Ather Grid ETC. Only the stack"ed" seems confusing.

All in all, damn excited for the event.


Huge disappointment for recent 3rd gen owners :pensive:


Absolutely. Sadly looking at Athers track record, they don’t seem to care about early adopters or old scooters.

I highly suspect any performance changes though. Probably only a new colour. Since moving from Gen2 to Gen3 was such a minor change, not expecting much from a 0.1 increment :stuck_out_tongue:

also, really hyped for the UI update! I hope the idle battery drain gets reduced, currently it’s really bad. Considering there’s only an Android phone equivalent system running, phones barely consume anything when idle even with 4G active and Google constantly keeping a track on our location xD The software just needs optimisation, they should probably find a way to put the OS in the sleep state, only waking it up when the user syncs with the app and/or periodically to sync with the Ather DB.


They played very well I guess.To claim the extended warranty scheme they made me to pay in full within december.I havent taken delivery yet ,but if I tell them I would like to go for upgraded version they wont offer me the december scheme.Since my running will be low, I anyhow will have to give december scheme first priority over the new models.:upside_down_face:


So Ather did consider this color.


They should have gone with this colour it looks way better


I tried to raise the same point in the chats. Idle drain is insanely too high considering what it does in standby and the overall size of the battery.

I kind of suspect either the current battery is really bad at retaining charge even if only a trickle current is being consumed or they’re probably mining crypto on the down time or some form of data mining


Not a big fan of the new dash interface ,from the pics, simpler is better for the most part. I hope there’s an option to switch between different versions


There may be new UI and themes, which might support the old theme as well, keep the hopes up


If Gen 2 to Gen 3 is a minor upgrade, then, 3.1 may be even smaller upgrade.

In case of phones and other gadgets, more or less, we all know that next model will come, when next sale will come. So, we don’t keep waiting for newer version or next sale.

Here, there is no cycle defined. Because of long term ownership, we are disappointed when new features comes or price cut happens just after we bought. (I too felt sad when FAME 2 reduced the price by 10k in less than 2 months of my purchase)

But, Ather or any brand - No one can do anything about it.

Because, they cant do any of the below

  • stop taking orders before new launch
  • announce new models up-front
  • compensate for customers who bought just before launch

No product or company works like and Ather is no different.


Nothing but the truth.

This event is big so are my hopes. I’m thinking that they are launching a New model and the new Gen 3.1. maybe removable battery and more range by squeezing the everything out of the battery pack?

But still if a new infotainment display and better range with the nooks and corners fixed I’ll be way more happy


haha - I dont know anything about what Jan 7 holds. Big or small change, we can’t time our purchases is what I meant.


Based on what their insta post is showing gen 3.1 will be nothing more than a new colour and maybe a ui change … post link for reference …


Same here, waiting for my Ather to get delivered. Hoping there is n’t much regrettable changes on jan 7th.


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The last time I was (Blame Ather for slow teasers, competitions, Pre-orders, exciting exchange offers) excited was 450X. After that disappointment, I don’t (purposely) get excited for any announcements.

Ather too learnt to keep it subtle.

This approach suits Ather profile well, unlike Ola who makes every announcement big & dramatic.

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Its colour for sure because initially I booked for mint green and suddenly they called me to choose between white and black stating that green has been discontinued


Enclose the belt and make a better mudguard pls. That is all.