New Ather Connect plans are here!

Ather users who have recently purchased their scooters, which typically cost between 1.5 lakh to 1.7 lakh rupees on-road (including subsidies), and excluding the charger refund that is still pending for most owners, are growing increasingly dissatisfied with recent developments at Ather. While we acknowledge that as a startup, the company faces limitations and accountability to various stakeholders, it’s crucial to recognize that customers are among the most significant stakeholders.

In their quest to turn revenue into a positive stream and reflect healthy cash flow, the company has been employing strategies that are raising concerns among both new buyers and existing owners. Here are several points that have become serious issues for almost every Ather owner:

Issues with government entities regarding FAME subsidies and related refund problems with customers.

The removal of previously available Ather service packages, which were considered value for money. Even if purchased, dealers are reluctant to honor them.

The introduction of charging fees. While having a minimal fee for charging is understandable, the per-minute billing approach has not been well-received by many owners.

Introduction of connect subscription plans, even though many features still appear to be in beta testing, while competitors offer more features free of charge.

The pricing of accessories like mudguards and seat covers is considerably high, and the maintenance cost of the vehicle is steadily increasing. (For instance, I paid 750₹ for the LHS mirror and 250₹ for belt adjustment.)

Software updates often introduce bugs, resulting in a glitchy dashboard.

During the monsoon season, the scooter exhibits instability, with nearly zero traction, and the noise emanating from the disk or belt becomes unbearable.

The pricing of the new series of scooters is considerably high, especially given the lack of significant design changes.

False advertising and unfulfilled dealer promises have been a source of frustration for many customers, particularly those with gen 3 and above vehicles who expected coasting regen and cruise control but were told these features were restricted by hardware limitations.

Uncertainty surrounding motors is a growing concern, with numerous reports on forums of gen 1 and 2 owners facing bills of 40,000₹ or more for motor replacement or repairs.

These issues collectively reflect the growing discontent within the Ather community, and it is essential for the company to address these concerns to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.


Since I am paying for the product,

  • can I get notification when the charge reach 80% and 100%
  • can I get old dashboard layout back?
  • can I see realtime efficiency in dashboard?
  • can I get trip B?
  • can I opt out data collection by Ather?
  • can Ather encrypt all my data on their servers and visible only to me with a password?
  • can I get API access for my data for my own analysis?

Since I’m paying I need to decide what I want, not Ather.


No sorry :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


you can go incognito, but even then, it is still going to be seen, anything that has internet connection and storage on it, its not a secret anymore. Once it is on the internet, it is just there out on the internet somewhere.

Rollback to a previous dashboard is like rolling back to a previous OS feature. If we wish to not change, you will have a buggy experience. So welcome change. Yes asking for features is good, if the company can add it, Understand that a million things are involved for a feature as small as a toggle switch or a very minute design change.

API for analysis Opt out of data collections I dont think it is possible… Even the biggest tech cars or vehicles dont give out…

Ather dont even expect them to.

They are doing their best. I know all the money they are trying to make but yea…

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not just for old owner,Athers current model of paying 12k for pro pack software is dumb enough too when it doesnt allow any user control over riding like regen power,throttle response,maps are laggy as hell and hard to read,no themes (what is the point of having a color LCD then :skull:),they have a beta channel still release buggy public updates.


these features shouldn’t even be locked to pro pack as it has nothing to do with dashboard it should be part of Ather connect

now average user might not care who is coming from a basic scooter still 450s dashboard is too dumb for its price even OLAs base S1X has 5 inch LCD or tvs iQube which is a must in EV for alerts etc.


The text size was big in the old UI and distraction free. Now everything is small with lot of blank space.


ummm Understand… There should be a setting to change the size of the font. That is very basic. I don’t what I am gonna go through :frowning: Bike is coming in 2 weeks


After paying 1.63 LK for that software with all those bugs, your saying Ather gave it for free…

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Keep charging a premium for the scooter and subscription, yet don’t provide premium or essential features like proper regen while providing sub-par parts like belts :skull:

Ather needs to step up it’s software game by a lot. Unoptimised dashboard which is inaccessible with tiny fonts and laggy interface doesn’t really put a smile on the face.


I was talking about all the free extensions on Ather connect that were given to customers since the older generations had many more bugs way less features.

Secondly when you’re considering the cost of the vehicle that you stated just encompasses the cost of physical hardware and software present on the vehicle the day you bought it.(without Ather connect its not as if you’ll stop getting future updates it just adds the process of updation at the SC).

Most of these connected features require the vehicle to connect to the companies servers the cost of internet is not the only recurring cost that factors in the whole process, right?

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I support this and it should verbatim be a grievance in the consumer forum and not just a post here.

He agrees his pricing is premium, though he believes his glitchy scooter is premium too :joy::joy:


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Ather is already in 5th position in EV sales. Keep doing this and market leader Ola will see an increase in sales.

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Its worse is yet to come !!

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Ohh so very true they give us premium bugs and premium disappointment…


Bruh if some industry leader figures out a good hybrid system its game over,I think yamaha has it but its not good enough.Ather was never going to let anyone save money,everyone here wants a feature packed fun toy which 450x surely isn’t now as OLA S1 pro has shown its reliable with gen 2 even fixing major issues with ever expanding service network.If bajaj releases a fibre body version of chetak even that would be a massive hit.


hi bro i am also waiting for new 450x 3.7 kwh dose any one told when the delivery will start i alderdy booked

I booked too… waiting for delivery…

Even i am facing the same problem.