New Ather Connect plans are here!

Hey folks,

The Ather 450 series has been getting a whole lot smarter with new features and massive experience upgrades. Ather Connect has been powering these experiences and it’s been a long journey in shaping it up into a robust offering.

Our belief has been that connected and smart features offer significant value, and make your commute experiences more seamless and hassle-free. The Ather Connect subscription plan has been free of cost for a while for our early owners, while we build out solid connected experiences.

To continue building great connected and smart experiences on your Ather scooters, we’ve revamped the Ather connect subscription plans to offer significant value for an Ather scooter owner, at a low cost.

What does this mean for you?

Ather 450 (Gen 1 and 1.5)

As our earliest supporters who’ve been believers in us, and have helped shape up experiences for everyone, we’re excited to announce that Ather Connect features will be at no-cost for the lifetime of your scooter.

Ather 450X & Plus (Gen 2 onwards)

From 1 September onwards, Ather Connect features will be accessible only to those who have an active subscription plan. As an introductory offer, if you subscribe in August, you can purchase the yearly plan at a great price!

Duration Price (33% off)
1 year ₹1299 ₹999 (inc. GST)
3 years ₹2999 ₹1999 (inc. GST)

Ather Connect gives you access to onboard Google Maps, Documents storage, Theft & tow alerts, Find my scooter, Push navigation to scooter, Multi-stop Trip Planner™, Ride Statistics, Savings Tracker™, Ather Labs™ and much more coming soon!

Ather 450X w/ optional Pro Pack (Purchases after 12 Apr 2023)

Your purchase of Pro Pack for your Ather 450X, gives you complimentary access to Ather Connect for the duration promised at the time of purchase. After the complimentary period, you can subscribe to the Ather Connect plans to continue accessing the smart and connected features.

How do I subscribe?

We’ll be rolling out an update to the Ather App for iOS and Android shortly, and you’ll be able to subscribe at the introductory rates till 31st August


We were promised 3 years of Ather Connect with a new vehicle purchase. It has been six months and now I have to purchase a new subscription?


Already clarified here.


@abhishek.balaji As paying customers, it is our rightful expectation that the services or products we purchase function flawlessly without any major disruptions. The recent AtherDrop Kick update has significantly hampered our experience, especially on my Series 1, rendering the entire purpose of investing in Ather Connect plans futile. It is imperative that you address these existing issues immediately before initiating any further charges for your services.


The Ather connect was free for now. It benefits both the customers and Ather.

  1. Customer was able to access the app and few features from the vehicle such as map.
  2. Ather benefits by collecting loads and loads of data to improve the product and for building new models.

Now the plan explains about only the first point. What about the benefits that Ather get from customer data? What is the amount Ather is going to pay to the customers? It should be mutual, not one way street.

If I don’t opt for the plan, will Ather stop collecting data from my vehicle and mobile?

@abhishek.balaji please explain.


Pro Pack 450 Plus users ke liye bhi le aao


Not promised, we paid for it


Back in October 2022 with a budget of 1.5L i was searching for a electric scooter and I had only 2 choice back then 1)Chetak 2) Ather and chetak was my first priority because it got that classic scooter look and is completely silent and has a metal body but it was costing me around 1.60L with no smart features and old fashioned display , then I made a decision that for 1.6L i am chetak and for 1.68L i am getting Ather with all connected features and smart display , and I went for Ather and bought it on October 2022, Now coming to the point of Ather Connect , I know for connectivity options we need internet and Ather has a 4G sim for internet use and that costs money but shouldn’t be Ather give their customers a option to either go with Ather Connect for all smart features and App sync or enable wifi use to customers to use is with mobile hotspot to use navigation if someone needs it , my point here is paying 2K for 3yrs is not a big deal but for the amount we pay what we are getting? Maps are still not flawless,2GB RAM in 2023 , I don’t understand,we have already paid hefty amount at the time of purchase , soo the users must have some freedom as we paid the a huge amount , technically it’s our scooter but when you go in depth of feels Ather has more control on our scooter than the owner itself , I think we should rethink on this entire subscriptions model , Ather has a huge community and should have a discussion with its users and take feedbacks…


A welcomed decision in addition to the pay for charging. Though the pricing could have been better considering many our Swiggy and other app delivery friends who have Athers will need to shell out more. That will increase cost of ownership and running for them. I am pretty sure @tarun will consider the feedbacks being shared by our fellow Atherians and make some changes to the charging rates.

For the Connect plans, its good especially if I talk about the 3 year plan.



Map chlta h nhi dhang se itna laggy and inaccurate h kis baat ke 1000rs maang rhe h ye log😑


I am not talking about pro pack users. I am a 450X gen 3 owner. Was told that the connected features will be available for 3 years free of cost.


I have a question. If we don’t subscribe to the Ather connect subscription will our scooters dashboard will change like non pro 450x?


I do not accept or welcome this decision & it is not a positive action by the company, i seriously am regretting buying this vehicle now.

After paying a hefty amount of 1.65L, We also have yo pay this stupid amount for the connective features!

I wish i would’ve gone for a TVS IQUBE STANDARD instead!

In middle class household we do not have enough money to run daily errands and on top of that! this connectivity plans? i seriously am regretting buying Ather now.

Please take the vehicle back and just give me 1.5L so that i can buy either Iqube or an Ola S1.


I will be happy if they change it something like when I bought it with dropkick UI. The only usable feature was maps, which they broke it with new updates. I don’t see any fix for Bluetooth auto connect features.

They clearly stated in the AMA that Ather 2 wheelers aren’t certified by Google, so the Ather team build their own method to use Bluetooth.

Though the 2000 rupees is not a big money for 3 years, but it is not worth with all these bugs.


I thought that upto warranty period no need to subscribe Ather connect plans. It’s covers under that period


For me it’s upto 2025 Dec and I have bought an Ather in electric December so there is no fee which is mentioned in their feed, but they mentioned duration :thinking: that’s what confusing. On august only we can check let’s wait…


@abhishek.balaji I purchased 3 year Ather connect plan. Plan start date is showing from today. Ideally It should be from 1-Sep as Ather connect is free till 31-Aug.


No. You will loose “connected” features like maps navigation, alerts and data on Ather app.

  • Level up your dashboard navigation experience
  • Push location pins from WA to your scooter
  • See charge status remotely
  • Monitor your scooters location
  • Analyse your riding style and get insights with ride stories
  • Go on longer rides with trip planner

for 846.62 + 18% GST (or 1694.07 + GST 305 for three years)

~2 rs a day a day for the convenience and peace of mind etc.

I’ve paid up.