New Anti-theft Alarming Lights Feature 🤩

Ather didn’t have much in terms of vehicle security features; we just had the hit-or-miss “moment detection” feature as standard, which was pretty effective until the recent updates, but unlike other vehicles, particularly EVs, it didn’t show any indication on the vehicle itself. But it’s better now, because the 5.7 update on my 450x Gen2 has added a pretty cool feature. Along with the “moment detected on your vehicle” notification on your phone, your 450 will now illuminate its danger lights.“Ather doesn’t have a hazard lighting system” - that’s what she said. But every time you tried to move it or sit on it, it frikin lighted up all of its indication lights. Now it sounds like a theft detection system!!

Super impressed with this, super amazing feature, super excited to show-off, super happy and Thankful to Ather for this. It really adds up in the entire experience, 1.4Lakhs worthy.

Great Job Ather, just add an option to turn those hazard lights ON manually. It looks dope on the 450X S3XY design.

I am unable to attach the picture here, but anyone who have received the 5.7 update are welcome to try.


When did you get the update? And is it for Gen 3.1 as well?


I have received it.tested and its working


Indeed it is, in fact you guys(gen 3s’) are gonna get all the upcoming features, its Ganpati Bappa’s grace that we (Gen 2s’) got this unexpected feature.


Thats a really nice feature. Hoping to get the update soon. I wonder why none of this was mentioned in the release note of the update.


My 450x gen 3.1 is on Atherstack 5.8 but still my scooter’s light does not turn on? Does anyone any idea why it might not be working?

Ather gave it accidentantly and removed it later in a ptach

You need to pay for it

Hi I am buying 450x pro in November month-2023 , I am not getting Anti theft alarming ,only one time I get alarm msg not recieved,after that not working .if any settings pls suggest me Bro.

In My Ather 450 plus after update this feature is not working.