Network and Service Providers

The vehicle is very good. The network is very bad, most of time it shows X today I parked at Shanthinagara when I checked in app it shows the vehicle in Anil Kumar circle I didn’t came on that root but it shows there and most of time no single, please fix this problem, and also not show exact location, the vodaphone is not good. Go for Gio


Hi Manju,

I had similar problem with my scooter, i was not able to receive the signal for entire day. later when i checked with Ather team, they confirmed its a known problem and they are working with Vodafone on this. I know that Vodafone has bad coverage in my area and same goes with other service provider in other areas. The only workaround i have been suggested is to restart the scooter i.e. shutdown and start.


Can we have more flexibility on choosing the service provider as its just a sim with data Plan. As most of them have similar cost and we would free to choose based on coverage provided in our Area.


Ather must allow to choose service provider


As @ather wants data algorithm development and so on, they will work towards finding the better solutions.

Hi @Shreyas @Ather.Team

Is there any possibility of enabling 4g in near future. If not what will happen if Vodafone has stopped 3g service. Because currently i see that Ather 450/340 currently support only up to 3g.

Based on this only i will make my buying decision.

If i am going to get ather 450, i am planning to use at least for 5 years so i should make sure that it will not be obsolete in 3 years or more.

I see that ather staffs are not responding to this question from users. So it would be really appreciable if received an convincing response from the team.

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Hi @Shreyas @Ather.Team

Can I get a response for this please ?

This question can be bought up in the 3rd owners meet

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+1… Interesting question. Never seen this answered. One of the reasons lease seemed so enticing to me


When and where ?

It’s scheduled this weekend on Sunday. It’s an owners only meet, so we can ask this question on your behalf. Many of us owners have discussed this too so it’s a concern for us as well… :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys @Ather.Team @Shreyas it’s been 5 days and till now this hasn’t been addressed. What makes you not answering question.Because of which , I feel like I might get betrayed if I purchased ather 450 now.

Hope you understand the situation.

Hey, there’s a owners meet on Sunday. This question will be surely asked. If it’s not answered by then, we’ll surely get answers on Sunday.

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According to my knowledge 3G services cannot be stopped immediately…… If at all they want to stop it Ather will have some hold on that decision……

If my thinking is correct they would have already started working on this if there is any improvement required……

I would suggest not to base your decision of buying on the network…. Because in technology world every day there is change……

Hey @vigneshkrissh95,

For now, there are no plans for upgrading to 4G for the 450. It’s something we are exploring, but can’t guarantee that it will be possible.


But will be the case if 3g service is stopped by Vodafone.

Any discussions in the 3rd owners meet on 4g upgrade of mobile network ? Since 3g network will no longer exist after March 2020…

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The network is very bad, most of time it shows X past 24hrs no network, any internal issue,
So any one facing the problem

Even I am facing the same issue. There is no network signal from past 2 days.

Actually i spoke to the customer care, it seems some issue with the Vodafone server. In my case there is no data in the vehicle from Monday morning, the last ride updated was the sunday one. Tried shutting it down and starting, but unfortunately no network. Team mentioned it would be ready ASAP.

We had discussions during the meet on the 4G upgrade. Ather team seems to be pretty sure that Voda will not shut down 3G operations in 2-3 years. So they said they will not be upgrading our dashboards to 4G.

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