My experience of Ather 450X


I am about to complete around 2 months with Ather 450X. To start with a 1 word about the scooter, it is a breeze to ride it. Whoever has seen it till now is very impressed with it and we can get few enquiries in road at signal of curious people around.

The performance is very good. Better than many IC 2 wheelers. Before people start from signals, we would have completed half the road. To confess, I have many times missed the turns just because the ride was so enjoyable.

The warp mode is very good and it actually gives very good range. Even though, the dash board shows 45-50 KM in full charge, in real world experience, it is giving more than that.

Now, the parts that are to be improved. As there is no foot rest for pillion riders who sit on a single side, it is almost a no go for them. So, anyone mom wears only sari and not any other attire, can’ take our mom’s for a good ride.

Next, the mobile app synchronisation is not very accurate. The home page shows old data from previous rides and the battery level and range shows from even before the ride. And sometimes it crashes. Even though there are some hiccups with the mobile app, not taking that as a big thing as our previous vehicles didn’t have any app connectivity. This has to be fixed for sure and improved.

Comfort wise, I feel, the scooter is great for short rides.

And, the boot space is big and it has very good volume. But, the shape is somewhat irregular. So, trying to fit in a regular shaped objects like a big tablet would not settle easily in the flat surface below. But, without the helmet, it can be placed.


Hmmm the vehicle performance I agree it’s top notch , but mobile companion app and the dashboard isnt at power with performance of the vehicle. The only thing that works fine in the app is just the app battery status. I have been using ather for just 2 weeks, have raised tickets for all the issues but the initial support suggestion was to reset the dashboard and shutdown the scooter and start it again. Which didn’t fix it at all. To be honest no one reviews the software properly.


Today marks 1 year of my journey with Ather. Though it’s been only waiting for the Scooter, seeing and reading countless videos,articles and forum threads (only 7 are left now, those who know,know) but it’s been great being here. The actual journey started few days before this but this day could be the actual day. My first order was booked on 3rd March. After it some swap,fresh order placing happened but still this is the day. Now only hope to get my 450X soon. Soon according to Oxford Dictionary not Ather dictionary. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

PS. Just joking Team,but don’t delay further. Okay?


Oh, that’s pretty long wait. I have booked in Feb21 then I may get in 22? I am badly in need of a scooter for my daughter. I can’t afford that much delay.

Your city!!? The waiting period depends on city too if you are from a city where deliveries already started then your waiting period won’t be too long.

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Ather is yet to open EC in my city yet. Hence the longer wait.

My city is Hubli.

Hubbali is one the list for April-June. If I’m not wrong, test rides have begun. You should get your 450X soon. Try reaching out to the dealer for more information :slight_smile:

I took test ride and pre booked. Today I contacted dealer, he told within a week, don’t know?

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Within a week delivery sounds great!

Wow hubali is happening so quickly?? That’s amazing. How come ather hasn’t said anything about it. Or the dealer is just speeding up stuff

Test rides have been happening for a month now. Soon to deliveries. Sounds good.

Which one is more attractive? Space grey or series 1?

Open a poll because its really subjective

Which colour ? Your pick
  • Matte Grey/Black
  • Series 1 - Glossy black with translucent
  • White
  • Mint (green)

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can you add white as well? series 1 anyways not for sale any more right?

add green as well

Been waiting for delivery for nearly 20 days post invoicing. Seems like I will end up celebrating the 1st anniversary awaiting delivery

Please call customer care bro

My brand new 450x Series 1 - gave me a range of 70 km only from 100-0… I don’t know if it’s just one day old or hot day or because two riders with bags…

And it’s losing 4% to 5% charge in ideal…

Suspension is good, however backside dust and mud is spraying on to the pillion rider…

Overall I am in love with this vehicle…

Surely a Head Turner…

Some confusion in software… ! To caluclate true range and charge time…

Need to learn extend the range…

Warp and sports mode are awesome… !


You can turn on real-time efficiency from the dashboard. It will show a red halo around the battery percentage on the dash whenever you accelerate and are riding your ather.

Also, it takes time to improve the range. Range, as you correctly stated, also depends on the overall weight on the vehicle, tyre pressure, and the way you ride.

Experiment riding in different modes at different speeds and you will certainly get a better range over a period of time! :slightly_smiling_face: