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If vin is allocated for your order, invoice can be generated which secures subsidy. Push for getting vin allocated by this month end. They are also under pressure to invoice at the earliest for monthly targets. Delivery may take another 7-8 days. But once invoiced, you loose to chance to raise issue if anything found in the vehicle as part of pre delivery check. Anyway,in Pune, their stockyard is at Ramtekdi. So, i had skipped PDI check trusting Ather and dealer.

What is VIN? And how do i get one allocated? They dont have stocks then im not sure then can deliver in a week XD

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It can only be allotted if a vehicle is already registered along with your invoice. Please try to constantly stay in touch with your Ather Space and explain them about this. You can read more over here: What is VIN?