My Ather 450X pre-ordered Share your preorder

Share your pre-orders


One of the pre-order code is :- DJCCO1

Invite Code: FRWTSH

Will be my 3rd Ather

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I assume the booking started from 2000 :slight_smile:
I am already late by 546 booking?

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Here is my extra code::: DM5WGM


Let me see how’s work upgrade …!!!

What do u think will the new features on the X?

Just ordered. Hoping to get it revealed soon & delivered in Pune!

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I mean it’s refundable so can’t hurt to reserve it. I’m only going to be purchasing if the upgrade options are attractive.

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Here is mine…

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Here we go! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

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Seems like I have the least order ID in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Order ID: 20,386

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At what time did you pre-order

I paid for my Ather 450X preorder at 3 pm Today (2020-01-07) and got Order ID of 20,386