Move OS 4

So Ola electric is rolling move OS 4 beta to it’s customers with backward compatibility. It adds multiple useful features like -

  1. Geofencing
  2. Time fencing
  3. Mode lock
  4. Ola maps
  5. Send location to App
  6. Garage mode* multiple scooter’s in single app
  7. Concert mode
  8. Tamper alert
  9. Auto turn off indicator
  10. New trip meters
  11. Take me home light
  12. Call from favorite
  13. Faster pairing
  14. Faster contact sync
  15. Faster Doc sync
  16. Faster touch response
  17. Headphone music control
  18. Headphone call control
  19. Cruise in Eco
  20. Improve Charging prediction time
  21. Faster hyper charger
  22. Improve Hill hold
  23. Descent Hill hold
  24. Improve regen
  25. Ride journal
  26. Personalised proximity
  27. Energy insights
  28. Biometric App lock
  29. App widget
  30. Vacation mode from App
  31. Call settings from App
  32. Regen settings from App
  33. OTA update from App
  34. Dark mode in app
  35. Improve proximity
  36. Improve range
  37. Tamper detect live Audio

These are upcoming features and improvement’s upcoming in move os 4, beta sign-ups starting September 15th Etc

Here is the onboarding video.

Honestly looks like Ather is stuck in ice age, compared Ola. :l


Wtf, so many features :saluting_face:

Yeah man, Ather is seriously lacking in the software department. Look at the features set and backward compatible. Competitors are far ahead, and we here are just busy with trademarks :confused:


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And that riding insight and riding stats :saluting_face:

The details, charts and everything. If I remember correctly, this was requested in the features in Jan 21 (I might be wrong, but it was long time back), the requester even explained how the charts could look like and after 2 years we still don’t have any of that…


Charging limit from the phone, and you can set the limit as you wish :pray::pray:

Is that too much to ask? Just give the features to us, nobody cares and everyone hates Optimised Charging 2.0


Ather needs to fire the whole Software team and hire some passionate young talent,the amount of user control MoveOS 4 offers is outstanding for ride expreince with customisation which is a must feature for a color display


In that video they used the term “Better Ownership Experience”, now that’s something we cannot expect from Ather.

“Better Buying Experience” on the other hand…


Here we can see only longest ride of the week, not daily one :sob:


It’s not from the app…

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@anbuchelva How about posting this as a feature request.

Some monthly insights on

  1. Regen during the month
  2. Daily avg. Efficiency

(Please be generous and if the above is provided as free features, existing owners would be contented and some new onwership would add to sales numbers ) @abhishek.balaji


It will come in Gen 6

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I guess the Govt Regulations only apply to Ather and not others.


I think most of these are already available in Ather since gen 2 expect for fencing, cruise and that concert mode. And maybe proximity because ola has no keys.

Everything else is names like improved range, improved hill hold, faster sync, etc. Which has been improved under the hood for Ather too.

Makes no much sense in having a long list like this except for gimmick.

Most of the app features can be added to as feature request too.


Ather already has these, many of which were released to Gen 2 Athers (like mine) later with OTAs. So probably Ola is coming out of Ice age now:

  1. Send location to App (works perfectly for me now, it did have bugs when it was launched)
  2. Garage Mode *Multiple scooter’s in single app
  3. Tamper alert
  4. Auto turn off indicators
  5. Take me home light
  6. Headphone music control
  7. Headphone call control
  8. Improve Hill hold (Ather already has a better one)
  9. Ride Journal (Ather calls it Ride Insights)

Ola is calling improvements, which means the existing scooters already have these features, you can’t call it backward compatible. Ather already has done most of these improvements in their OTAs:

  1. Faster pairing
  2. Faster contact sync
  3. Faster Doc sync
  4. Faster touch response
  5. Improve Charging prediction time
  6. Faster hyper charger
  7. Improve Hill hold
  8. Improve regen
  9. Improve proximity
  10. Improve range

You need to read through the lines to notice the reality.

Ather needs to add the following though:

  1. Trip A and B
  2. Geofencing
  3. App widget
  4. Improve Ride Insights (Which I am aware Ather team is working on and will be backward compatible as those are app features)
  5. Cruise Control. (Important for some. I don’t need it, in fact I would vouch against it based on the experience with my father’s Bounce Infinity. It’s cruise control would get enabled automatically.)

I need to be the person who enlisted this from the Ola team, reiterating features by using synonyms, showing a list which is already existing by default (why not even mention Motor and Headlights and Storage, etc?), and moreover picking up features which Ather already had :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We have Regen since when?

We have active regen from the time 450X was launched.

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Precisely yes.!!!

Most of Ather features work as they need to work

Everytime New update arrives

we have to cry for 1st 10days

You mean force Regen by twisting the accelerator to opposite side. It’s called Active Wrist Pain. Wait maybe you mean holding the break to cause Active Break Pad Wear. Both these wonderful features doesn’t even give a powerful regen