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wow, so we need to ride below 20kmph for such a good efficiency

His top speed is 41 kmph, so you can ride above 20 speed and still get a good range, his average speed is given as 19

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Today, when coming from Hosur to Bangalore, could get efficiency of sub 24 kw/h. 3 trips in last 2 weeks, 90+ km range is very consistent.

Single rider, right tyre pressure, no traffic for most part, coasting all the way in sports mode really helps.

Just wish Ather 450 had 20% more capacity, I would avoid mid way charging in Electronic City altogether. :grin:


Today, I had enough charge to cover the entire distance without taking a break at Ather Grid. No traffic, all conditions & driving pattern remained same. But, I got less range and I felt like the fan was running most of the time (after the first 8-10 kms).

Also, I felt acceleration to be under-performing in Sports Mode.

Fan, Performance, Range - All connected?

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My worst efficiency and highest average speed till date


Looks like you raced right from the word go until u reached… I doubt if Ather testing could have achieved 79 km average on a 30 km trip :slight_smile:

Btw, did you have to break at least once?


I had to slowdown completely twice due to some construction work on the newly constructed 6 lane road. Or else average would have been 85-90kmph.

Average speed of 81 kmph on a 30+ kms ride done by @Rahul

Highest that i know

I have observed when soc was 40% and below for few kms even on full acceleration top speed was restricted to 75 and 80. Afterwards it gone back to showing 89 on dash.

Due to that also average speed reduced.

May be for motor safety scooter automatically throttled top speed


How does app calculate average speed: I remember hearing a discussion long time back in Ather open forum and this is what I remember. Correct me if I am wrong.

speed = distance / time. (exclude the time spent in idle)

Here, 30.2 kms in 27 mins = 67 km / hr average speed… even if we consider 2 mins idle, it does not go above 70 km/h.

Does Ather do it differently?

Your calculation makes sense. No idea how ather calculates

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The best figures I’ve got yet are on the paddock stand :joy:

Joke’s apart… the best i could do is 28Wh/km yet on my scooter


Wow… In warp mode also We can achieve 84km…


:ok_hand: super sir

ofcourse u can… provided you are driving without pillion…!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes… 90% of time I drive single… But driving with 80+km speed if I get mileage of 84km then it’s really impressive…


I bought ather on April. I did my first charging of 100%. I rode in eco mode only. My mileage was 35km. Very disappointed. For my 2nd charge also it gives me around 40km. Suggest me How to improve.


Its almost impossible to get 35-40 km range in Eco mode unless you are going uphill with pillion forever :slight_smile:

Do u have the drive stats from ur mobile app?

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Check this thread. It should help you get better range on your Ather:


This is crazy.:fire:


If your battery percentage was really going down by 1% after every ~2 km then I think you broke all records!! INSANE EFFICIENCY with average speed of 39kmph :scream: wow


If you ride in Mumbai, and on the Western ‘Express’ Highway, these numbers will make sense to you. 🥲

And no, I wasn’t pushing the scooter with my legs, the traffic was just bad. :crazy_face: