Meet the Ather 450 Apex | Refined Performance 10 Years in the Making

I dont underatand Ather gate keeping software features.People who even have Gen 1 which is a much half baked product compared to gen 3 and are still using it beyond 5 years/50000 kms then why is Ather not thinking anything to improve gen 3 exprience if they keep mentioning scooter gets better via OTAs

someone who has a Ather right now isnt looking to replace it with a newer one so why every 6 months released scooters get ignored


I too feel the same there is no point in releasing an x version every 6 months , Ather stop advertising OTA updates for the scooter altogether and bring a new model (complete different) just like ICE scooters like a suzuki access and a burgman same scooter but different body style and there they gate the features , But its the same chassis same scooter evolved over last 5 yrs with price increase and features gated for every release.


This line someone who has Ather now isn’t looking to replace to newer gen every 6 months He won’t change even after 3 years as ppl have been using em for so long.

Software improvement is so critical why don’t they understand just whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???


Ather should stop advertising this ever improving OTA updates, to save them from embarassment… Because the promise was broken starting Gen 1 and it continues. But the promises are as loud as earlier.

Like Android phone update promise, It’s better to mention 2/3/4 year updates rather than over promise and under deliver.


If any of you know and of the podcasters… implore them to ask him this… ki bhai… iPhone thodi hai that ull replace every 2-3 years? Or maybe he wants people to evolve into changing scooters every 2-3 years?? Idk the logic

Talking of podcast watch this.

even if people had money to do it fame 2 subsidy is only available once and registering a vehicle is quite a process even though Ather has made it quite easy than in past you can’t just go to EC and pickup a new scooter like samsung upgrade programme.

Also 450 platform hasn’t been upgraded since gen 3,everything till apex is just software.before it Ather was selling below 2000 scooters every month upto gen 3 so there arent even enough people that would consider upgrading at the speed Ather keeps relaunching 450x every 6 months.

approx 1.5 lakh athers are GEN 3.1+ out of 2 lakh units that they hit recently :skull:


From gen 3.1 it’s not joy of owning Ather it’s disappointment and regrets

And u wanna buld a trust with customer ?


It feels so good that most of the owners feel cheated and are on the same line besides 2,3 fanboys.


Even with Gen4 new switch gears were added later within the same version who from the product team is so impatient to launch half baked products every now and then…

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hi can you tell me the differnece between 4th and 3rd gen Ather 450x? I just bought 450x 3.7kwh but i do not know if it is 4th gen or 3rd?

Hardware difference - new switchgear, includes dedicated “ParkAssist” button and joystick on left side. Even high beam/kill switches are different.

Software difference - Coasting Regen, Emergency Stop Signal

Price Difference - No charger refund so I guess around 20k?

Looks - different sticker on the front side panel (450X), it is longer compared to before.

yes so I have a gen 4!. Also is there any way we can get the apex’s transparent panels and the handcrafted helmet. should I call the service centre and ask for replacement labels but not if the 450x but apex😊

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if you build good relation with SC manager you could the labels but the transparent panel is hard as Ather will be producing apex upon orders till october so ordering spare without VIN of actual Apex or accident survey will be quite a process and it won’t look good with any existing colors as it has a blue tint.


Agree with that. It is not a neutral colour. It is very likely that the Blue tint won’t fit well with other colours.


White would go with any color :).

I wonder if those panels would fit on our Gen1. But even if it did, we would have to re-route any cabling so they don’t look ugly and have to paint the interior frame in a contrasting color so it stands out.

IMHO. Too much work for a workhorse that takes me to office and back :slight_smile:

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Also Warp+ I can understand.

Because the top speed is mentioned in the RC, but rest is simply bs and marketing tactics.

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