Maximum weight on footboard

@abhishek.balaji tried searching for the maximum weight we can put on footboard like gas cylinder or some groceries, can you please share some details around this.

I understand total weight it can handle around 150kg but considering the structure of the scooter not sure how much can be put into foot board.

If their is any specific limit within the total weight limit it would be good to know and it can avoid any damages or breakdown.

Max weight on foot board is 35kgs

Means is this confirmed by ather or written by ather team somewhere?

The max load overall, including the (rider + pillion + floorboard load) recommended is 175 kgs. Keeping a 25 kg load on the floor board is unlikely to significantly impact ride characteristics. The load will have no structural impact on the battery as the battery is inside a protective casing.

Whereas some owners do use their Ather for some heavy duty stuff.

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yes absolutely but the weight of LPG is around 18-19 kgs avg it wont affect but it will ram the plastics and inner plastic panels so our scooter is mercedes like in 2 wheeler so we can handle it luxury

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This was confirmed by ather rep in ather space

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Hmm what about the whole riders weight since quite a few times, on bad roads I do stand up for a few seconds on the floor board. Not exactly stand up, but yes shift all my weight onto the floor board.

I do that on my ICE, I some times put my weight on the pillion footrest area. But that’s not safe.

I do this all the time when iam on long rides, stand up on the floor board when passing a speed breaker or when iam off-roading just like how we do it on a adventure bike, Ather is a well balanced scooter so its fun riding it in standing position. There has been no issues so far, the chassis is built like a tank so if the recommended weight is 25kg we can double or triple the value.

Also the recommended (rider + pillion) weight is 150kgs but i know one owner has a 450 weighs 140kgs and his cousin brother weighs 120kgs, combined weight 260kgs and both of them during weekend zip around the streets of Chennai in sports mode.

I’ve carried more weight than this on my ather about 270+20Kg once. Very very short ride. But felt like I was in eco mode when in sports mode and yes the scooter can more than handle it. Was just wondering how the floor board is only rated to 25Kg when it can take 100Kg adult standing on it.
And I regularly ride with about 150Kg- 170Kg payload. After 10k Km my rear suspension has noticeably softened but no as such structural changes.

Just curious, is this recommended weight of 150 kg quoted somewhere by Ather? Because while I did not see any number on Ather site, from what I understand through articles online, the range and other numbers quoted by Ather are apparently based on a payload of 175 kg, so that means the max weight is much higher than that, I guess?

Correct the maximum weight it can pull is much higher than 175kg, because Ather is compared to a 125cc scooter. For better efficiency they don’t recommend higher payload, also it will become difficult climbing steep incline roads. recommended weight was quoted by Ather team during AMA session, just put a mail or call to customer support and they will confirm the same details.


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