Matter Aera

So the first review is out on Matter Aera 5000, and the design is quite unique with respect to all the EVs.

  1. Why the gear box??? I understand it will help run motor more efficiently at higher gear ratio with low RPM, but nowadays motors can do upto 6-10K RPM easily. Then why add more frictional losses and maintenance for moving parts.

  2. The battery is way high up, won’t that raise CG up? That should impact on handling.

  3. Liquid cooling… although I have mixed feeling on this one. It will definitely help keep stable temps, but it adds complexity and weight. Ather used phase shift material to suck the heat from battery cells. And I couldn’t find any info on fast charging speed. But according to website, it takes 2 hours and they are calling it flash charging.

These things add inefficiencies, same could be the reason they are claiming 125Km range even though the battery is 5kWh.

But there are some cools perks as well.

  • ABS!!!

  • Interface looks years and years ahead of Ather and app looks great.

  • More data on ride logs like lean angle, G-force, energy consumed, ride efficiency, 0-60, Trip B. And all this on dashboard. The things we crying out loud but Ather team won’t give. There is so much data but team has no way to show us?

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I really liked it because we can drive it on 4th gear from zero it will not turn off and no need to apply clutch also I think I’m not sure but this will revolutionalise the Gear Bike experience because holding clutch for long hour it feels very bad let’s see what’s the pricing now if pricing is same that of Ather then I’m gonna Book this I really liked it.

It’s waste of cash I’ll put it blunt they wanted to create something spl but it’s wayy late now plus that cost 1.80 ur better off getting new apex or something better having gear or not won’t matter just cuz it will create more mechanical friction internally.


Someone Please Tell Whats is the Use of Gears in EVs :thinking:

Is it Worth?

Edit : Just watched the Auto Car Video, But Still I expect some reply from Our Folks :+1:

But I feel awkward about Gears Part Other than That Vehicle is Sick :100:

Dude dude dude, but what’s the use of gears in EV? You just mentioned you don’t want to use clutch, there you go. And if you gonna ride it in 4th gear standstill, then what’s the use of gear box…

See, it doesn’t make sense. We already had a revolution with EV, by removing the gear box and cutting the losses :joy:, why revolutionize gear box again? At least for a bike, for heavy vehicles it’s a different story.


Some performance EV applications do use gears, here are some of the applications I have come across:

Porsche Taycan - has a 2 speed gearbox to improve efficiency, and also to help optimize both low-speed acceleration and top-end speed.

Formula E - efficiency reasons

But the complexity of a gearbox probably isn’t worth the maintenance and complexity it brings, which Taycan owners have long debated about.


Hey :wave: there! You’ve raised a pretty interesting point! So, think about it this way: gears in EVs, especially in bikes, aren’t about replicating the traditional gear-shifting experience. Instead, they’re all about optimizing performance. Sure, EVs don’t need gears for the same reasons as internal combustion engines, but they do need them to maximize efficiency and speed.

Imagine cruising down the road on your electric bike, and with each gear shift, you’re effortlessly tapping into that extra burst of power, accelerating smoothly and swiftly. It’s like having an extra gear in life, propelling you forward with style and finesse.

And you’re spot on about companies not just adding features for the heck of it. They’re always striving to stand out in the EV market, offering innovations that not only enhance the riding experience but also set them apart from the crowd. So, while it might seem unconventional at first, these gear-equipped EVs are paving the way for a whole new level of performance and excitement on the road.

On paper -

Gears means lower rpm neans low power consumption means higher range.

Thanks for the Clarification :raised_hands:

I thought Gears are a Gimmick like Some Brands do Gimmick Marketing :face_in_clouds:

I replied What I thought about That and I don’t feel like its Unnecessary Reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Bro the Thumbs Up button does enough to Cheer. Let’s try not to put unnecessary replies and keep the thread to the point :sweat_smile:


Exactly, some kind of gears do help like our Ather, but like proper gears similar to ICE? ICE have very narrow range of RPMs where they produce sufficient torque, hence they need gearbox with variable gears.

But in EVs motor can give you torque at a super wide RPM, like our Warp mode. Hence nobody use gearbox with variable gears, no Ather, no Tesla, nobody. Some use it for more torque delivery like performance vehicle, but that’s a different story.

Yo, is that chatGPT :joy: /s

If it has maximize efficient, then they wouldn’t they advertised bigger range with 5kWh battery. But no it’s just 125km. Anyways, we will see when the product hit the market.


Offcourse let’s see now what happens.

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Well people who buy the vehicle will forget the gear over time tbh.

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Found this

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Speed is very bad now I’m not gonna book this 100 speed after gears really disappointed atleast should go 120 or 130

For this Cost, Product is Really Looking and Worth

If We want Speed, Then Ultraviolette is available :hugs:

(I got a Wonderful Opportunity to Ride and Test the Supremacy Vehicle of EV World - The Ultraviolette F77 Recon)

Ultraviolet bike price is very high compare to speed. Price reaches sky when buying it :joy: I’d rather invest in a Kawasaki Ninja 400, which offers a speed of at least 200 and I can also sell it who is gonna take ultraviolet if company did not perform well and closed the company :joy:.

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Nothing to Laugh on Ultraviolette Bro

Ather provides 120 KM ler Charge costs 2 Lakh

Ultraviolette has 250 KMs Range and 5 Lakh Price

The Machine Worth a Penny Product :fire:

I had it for 2 Weeks

Week 1 = 1,611 KMs

Week 2 = 1,260 KMs

Perfect Machine for a Garage or an EV Garage :100:

Btw Its not About Speed, With Extd Battery Warranty You will get 1 Lakh KMs Warranty on Battery

Just Imagine Owning a 300-400 Cc ICE Bike and Running it for 1 Lakh KMs :slightly_smiling_face: Do Simple Maths + Not always We ride at 200 KPH

Indians Roads 80-150 KPH is Cool Speed :face_exhaling::raised_hands:

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Now imagine this instead of speed limit they should have it as modes 1st gear crazy amount of tork at low speed And at 4th atleast 120kmpr U change gears to change modes best of both worlds