Make Trip Planner useful for long rides

The Ather trip planner currently works only for short rides. Even if there are plenty of chargers on the way, the planner cannot plan for long rides, and this is easily an improvement Ather can bring about.

Ather app:

Tesla App:


Didn’t they advertise “Multi-City Trip Planner” during Gen 4 “launch” with Hoezaay? This isn’t the first time they announced something and didn’t go through with it :melting_face:


I suggest to Planning by Ourself is really better than Trip Planner from Ather

Its my Personal Experience and Just saying here

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Trip planner for Tesla work’s across states. Trip planner for Ather works across 30 Kilometres.


For me, the trip planner only works with one charger, even though multiple charges are available on the route.


Yep… it can’t figure out distances more than one charger away. Not to mention the projected range isn’t bad on Ather… but it doesn’t factor in inclination, weight, etc… Tesla even factors in wind direction in their calculations… went to Nandi… and at the foot I had 30kms of range… with like 8kms to go… reached the top with 1km in the tank…

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Tarun said they are on Gen 4 of the software version. These wind calculation should be possible at Gen 15 when Ather will be priced as much as a Tesla

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Next Ather will design Starship Traveling at Warp 13 Beating (USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D)


While we did announce the ‘Multi-City Trip Planner’ feature in August, we’re still working on refining the algorithms to ensure you get the right suggestions. We’ll be ready to roll it out to the fleet in a few months. :slight_smile:


Bruh in few months :skull::skull:

Try and implement a way to get 100% charge at Grids during inter-city trips, even if it costs more than regular 0-80% charge per min.

It would enable a whole load more trips from my location. I could go to Goa and beyond, and come back if I could charge 100% at grid.


Actually the right way to do it is give an option to stop charging when SoC hits 80% . So scooter will keep charging after it and if someone needs to use the grid they can stop charging and unlock it.

But I am expecting too much from the company.

Generally main criteria is always the shortest time possible for whole trip. So, if enough charging points are present in a particular route, then it makes more sense to charge till 80% are move to next charging location.

Like Tesla, it will show the info like, you will reach next charging station at 27% then charge for 17min then to the next charging location and you will reach it with x% then charge x min, so and so forth. But it varies with different cases.

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I was of the same opinion but it’ll probably cause clashes at grid with people “Who gave you right to stop my charging” etc etc

Much better UX to just limit the user from company side in such matters imo. Charge higher for people wanting 80-100, better solution even if it hurts wallet for the greater good.

They should only allow 100% charging if it is NEEDED to go to the next location in trip. Otherwise it is a waste of 30-45 minutes for everyone.

Yeah true, I can imagine a situation someone needs 100% charge and someone is impatient and both fighting for it.

Any chance this fix will make it to the upcoming app update? Fix or enhancement, please do announce it when it’s out.

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Yes, at ACD’24 they confirmed it will be out with the new app.


@sirishant Have you visited ACD 24? If yes could you please tell me if they have any plans to update the current Ather trip planner? It’s not very user-friendly for long trips.

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